TAP Global Beer Collection (Delray Beach)

Posted on May 5th, 2014 · American Delray Beach


***** TAP Global Beer Collection, Delray Marketplace–14813 Lyons Road, Delray Beach, Florida 33446, (561) 270-3839.

Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats took a ride to the Delray Marketplace to “see” how things were going…

For you guys who don’t know what the Delray Marketplace is…just check my write-up dated–February 26, 2013.

Anyway, we got there about 4pm. Not sure on the temperature–but it wasn’t cold out there. No rain. Actually, a beautiful day!

Anyway, you guys ever see those old westerns where tumbleweed blows through the street? Other than Cabo Flats (see Review 12/23/13) which was doing some-real nice business, this center was as dead as Kelsey’s nuts. No fooling, it was like a freaking ghost town. The retail stores and streets were literally empty–as for the- parking, all the spots that your car could want.

Anyway, took a look at TAP Global Beer Collection which recently opened… here’s how the company describes itself:

“72 taps and over 400 bottle brands, Tapas and appetizers, Beautiful Wood bar with live edge and curved wood bar front plus fabulous 12 foot community tables weighing over 1,000 lbs and made from 350 year old pecky cypress – plus so much more!”

At 4pm- this is what Jeff Eats saw…Inside and outside TAP had maybe- 10 people and I’m being kind, here!

Look! This TAP concept may work where there are loads of 21-35 year olds…but no matter what the real estate developers tell me and for that matter you, Lyons Road/Atlantic Avenue isn’t the place for this beer concept. The surrounding area is jammed with 55+ communities. For sure there are some younger developments, but nowhere- enough to sustain a joint like TAP. I could be wrong, but I don’t see a bunch of 73 year olds running to drink beer. Do you? I see them running to Too Jay’s, 3 G’s, Flakowitz, their podiatrists …not to some beer joint, where you sit around watching tv while drinking beer from “Outer Mongolia.” Some may see this as being “politically incorrect” (whatever that means)–but a ton of the folks who live within 5 miles North-South-East-West of the Delray Marketplace are fressers (some of you may need Google here) not drinkers. Capice!

If you check TAP’s website you’ll find that in addition to serving beer- it offers a handful of “small plates”–TAP also allows customers to consume food purchased from outside vendors. Nothing for nothing… movie theatres don’t allow that, sporting arenas don’t allow that, concert venues don’t allow that. This concept of outside food stinks! Just think of all of the revenue TAP is giving away. Personally, Jeff Eats thinks that allowing a mish-mosh of other food into TAP makes the joint really schlocky!

Let’s wrap this one,

Jeff Eats thinks that TAP Global Beer Collection is going to regret opening in this center. Wrong concept, wrong population, wrong location!

Finally, for you guys who like beer/small plates/bringing your own food/watching tv…

TAP is open Monday-Wednesday 4pm-midnight, Thursday 2pm-midnight, Friday 2pm-2am, Saturday noon-2am, Sunday noon-11pm.

4 Comments to “TAP Global Beer Collection (Delray Beach)”

  1. PC says...

    You’re right about TAP. I’ve enjoyed it the few times I went, but I’m in that 21-35 group.

    The people my age are few and far between out there. Unless they’re serving drinks and food to patrons at Burt and Max’s or Cabo Flats.

    TAP is trying to be like another similar chain concept, World of Beer. World of Beer does the same thing with outside food. However, there is one big difference, World of Beer does not serve their own food. Which is why they allow outside food.

    I understand wanting to keep patrons around when you don’t offer food, but what are you thinking when you allow the option to not order from your kitchen.

  2. clyde says...

    World of beer in Margate was crowded when I went there.. We had our beer outside. I got a house dark draft. A pleasant atmosphere but the beer is ridiculously price for what I got. I guess people go there to meet and for atmosphere.

    My guess is TAP is the same formula.
    I rarely get up to Delray but I was there last week. The Boys farmers mkt was jammed in the middle of the day! With female shoppers of all ages trying to run me over with their shopping carts. I got what I wanted and scrammed. The Boys is printing money!

  3. jessejames says...

    piss poor location. not enough in the right age group to support the concept. they made a huge mistake opening there.

  4. Paul says...

    I betcha any money if they turned the TV stations to Fox News, business would double!

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