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Saucy ‘Stache (Food Truck–Dade/Broward/Palm Beach)

Posted on May 3rd, 2014 · American Fast Food Music/Events/Other


***** Saucy ‘Stache, 4882 Southwest 75th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33155, (786) 245-3683.

First things first…Saucy ‘Stache is a “food truck”–so you need- to know where/when the truck is.

Real simple concept…

Choose A Protein.
Choose A Side.
Choose A Sauce.
The 3-combination is then put in a plastic bowl.

stuff like: grilled steak, chicken breast, grilled shrimp.
stuff like: macaroni and four cheeses, cheesy bacon mashed potatoes, brown jasmine rice.
stuff like: honey mustard, honey pineapple bbq, ninja garlic.

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats recently caught up with the truck “trying”-
grilled steak/macaroni/ninja garlic and
grilled chicken breast/cheesy bacon mashed potatoes/honey mustard.

I gotta tell you, the food was really-really good.

Just that simple…really-really good.

Like I said earlier, you’ll need for times/locations.

One final thought, Jeff Eats kinda knows-that most if not all of you- aren’t going to be-making a special trip to hook-up with some food truck…so for our purposes “just” file the name in your memory–you never know when/where you might spot the truck which works 7 days a week all over South Florida.

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  1. Saucy 'Stache says...

    Thank you so much for your kind words about our truck! I’m so happy you and your wife liked it.

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