The Beatlemaniax

Posted on April 30th, 2014 · Music/Events/Other


* The Beatlemaniax.

Jeff Eats is gonna give you two guesses as to what “type” of tribute band–The Beatlemaniax are-the first guess doesn’t count.

You know and I know that Beatles’ tribute bands are like Chins in a Chinese phonebook…a ton of them. Just a hunch, but I’d be willing to bet -that there has to be something like 500,000,000 of them worldwide.

To the point,

Jeff Eats recently caught South Florida based- The Beatlemaniax and I gotta tell you that the “lads” were really good…The band covers The Beatles 1962-1966– dresses the part, got the haircuts, got the right brand equipment and has a left handed bassist.

The Beatlemaniax play clubs/bars/restaurants/festivals all over South Florida…the group also works for cruise lines and Florida casinos.

I don’t know about you, but Jeff Eats “loves” The Beatles. No question in my mind, they “are” the greatest Rock N’ Roll band of all time. For what it’s worth- I find the bands’ music absolutely infectious.

To wrap this one up…

Over the years, Jeff Eats has seen a number of Beatles’ tribute bands (as a matter of fact, I first saw The Beatlemaniax in 5/2011) and every time-the crowd had an absolute blast listening/ dancing to the music.

If you’re a “fan”–check and see if The Beatlemaniax have an upcoming date that works for you.

Just a quick note, if you enter The Beatles in Jeff Eats’- SEARCH BOX…it will bring up- other Beatles’ bands/shows that have been “reviewed” by Jeff Eats.

The Beatles-stuff is all good!

So Enjoy!

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  1. loislane says...

    like you I love the beatles. saw this group last week on a cruise and they were terrific.

  2. henrygross says...

    the one standing by the piano sort of looks like ringo.

  3. Orlin says...

    Thanks for the nice write up, Jeff! We don’t really play clubs and bars and not really restaurants, but we play concerts and city events, plus corporate and private events….website is

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