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* FloridaMarijuanaInfo.Org.

I don’t know about you, but in recent months Jeff Eats’ e-mail has been bombarded with different articles pro-con concerning the legalization of marijuana in Florida. The latest e-mail received- is from a pro-legalization organization known as FloridaMarijuanaInfo.Org. Jeff Eats found the site to contain some very interesting and thought provoking articles!

Now follow me,

We all know that- Jeff Eats is primarily a “food blog”…that many believe that marijuana causes the “munchies”…that “munchies” are food…(you can run the string out for yourself).

On a serious not, the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is a very serious question. There are strong arguments on both side of the fence.

I thought that you some of you guys might like to follow the “issue”…and that www.FloridaMarijuanaInfo.Org would be a good site to get the ball rolling.

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  1. ZED says...

    It’s articles like this that separates Jeff Eats from the rest of the food blogs.
    Your site in one breath can be whimsical and in the next dead serious.
    Love the Skittles photo.
    The mix of topics keeps your readers wanting more.

  2. David Cohn says...

    Jeff, your making us wanna eat! Thanks for the love and support.

    I too, love the Skittles photo.

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