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Swifty’s Market Grill & Deli (Boca Raton)


***** Swifty’s Market Grill & Deli, 2001 Northwest Boca Raton Boulevard, Boca Raton, Florida 33431. (561) 395-7131.

Now, let’s be honest with one- another…

Have you ever met a sub-hoagie-grinder-blimpie (you- fill in your favorite regional “term”) that you didn’t like? Now for sure, some subs (that’s what Jeff Eats calls them) are better than others…but I can’t ever recall saying…”Boy this sub stinks. I’m not going to eat it. Let me just throw it in that garbage can over there.”


Not sure on this…but over the past few years- I must have driven by Swifty’s Market Grill & Deli something like 25,209,849 times without ever stopping. From the outside-and actually from the inside too–it’s basically a “hole in the wall” convenience store. As the old saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”–well- in the back of the convenience store is- a take-out-only- sub-counter that makes the full-boat of hot and cold hoagies..

For what it’s worth, I just got back from Swifty’s Market Grill & Deli and as I type–I am enjoying one of the most delicious grilled Philly Cheesesteak Subs (chopped steak/American Cheese/grilled onions/peppers) that I’ve ever had. Really just that simple!

Based alone-on its Philly Cheesesteak Sub…Swifty’s Market Grill & Deli is a must try.

For the curious, Jeff Eats was “tipped” this morning (while walking Jiggy Eats) to- Swifty’s by a Comcast serviceman who was working down the block from my home.

Let me wrap this up…

Finally-Comcast did something right!

Swifty’s Market Grill & Deli is open Monday-Saturday 7am-10pm, Sunday 9am-9pm.

23 Comments to “Swifty’s Market Grill & Deli (Boca Raton)”

  1. frankw says...

    Never would have considered going into this place. Steak sandwich was first rate. Better than the place that used to be in the Chevron station and is now God knows where. Warning! If you tell them “the works”they will add lettuce,tomato and mayo. Would not stop here after dark.

  2. It’s truly the best sandwich place I know of in Florida (PERIOD). I wish they wrere in more locations or even better make if the owners would consider franchising the concept.

    Ps. As a former restaurateur, also extremely impress of their clean kitchen and staff

  3. Igor and Stephanie Oleyek says...

    Swifty Market Grill and Deli was recommended to us by a friend. We ordered platters for our daughters graduation party and they were amazing. The bread, meat and vegetables were fresh and the condiments were prepared for us as well. I would recommend them for a sub after the beach or a super bowl party with a full house.
    Thank you!

  4. Mary Ambrosio says...

    I just love Swiftys….
    They make the best Philly cheesesteak
    and grilled chicken sandwich in town! ♡

  5. Noah F says...

    I just read this add, I know the place well. I’ve switched recently to their pastrami sub or cheeseburger sub though after reading this I went right over to the pomoano store and had a Philly chesse, I must agree with all they are by far the best you will ever eat!!!!!!
    And the service is out of this world

    • Amy says...

      Swifty’s has the best philly cheese steak sub I have ever had.. I’ve been eatting them for well over 9 years.. So far out of all the sub places around swifty’s if still #1.. Yum

  6. Lee says...

    This has been my favorite spot for sandwiches for many years. They are delicious and made to order. Make sure to try the eggplant. Very clean and super friendly and efficient staff. No worries about going after dark. I LOVE this place.

  7. LODI says...

    From the number of comments that just hit today it looks like some Swifty’s fans just found your site.
    I stopped in 2 days ago and took out a philly cheese and it was excellent.
    This joint was a real find.
    Not everyone would walk into this one based on the outside façade.
    Great find.

  8. Marco says...

    I tell all my friends how great the sandwiches are.
    The food is better than many nice restaurants.

    It is very consistant.

    One of Boca best kept secrets.

  9. Scott says...

    Swiftys is a must try I’ve been going to this place for years . Great service and great food. Best breakfast sandwiches on Boca hands down.

  10. Dave says...

    I love their Philly steak. I also like the Chorizo & egg breakfast hoagie with chipotle smeared on the bread .
    The best deal is the Meatball hoagie brushed with aioli and charbroiled toasted for only 3.99 Can’t beat it.

  11. Julio Calveiro says...

    The best subs in south florida hands down. I live in Miami lakes and stoped here once when working in the area and I was impressed! I have made several trips from Miami to just to eat the burger sub! I only wish there was a location in Miami lakes!! Please open one soon.

  12. Greg M. says...

    Simply the Best!

  13. Jacqueline says...

    I have ate their sandwiches, salads; Vantasic! The owners are very well known, the nicest people you can ever meet. Also it is very clean, in their stores, not a dive!

  14. Raul scherrer says...

    I’m been going to swifts and always eating they delicious subs.
    My kids love then also.
    They have 2 places the one in Boca and pompano beach.
    They do there subs with lots of pride and love.
    As right now I’m eating one of the moust delicious steak , anion, and hot peppers.
    It’s great!!
    I love it..

  15. Alex says...

    If you think Swifty’s of Boca’s Phylls S is the best you need to try the one from the Pompano Swifty’s.
    I don’t know why but the southern food is always better.
    Try it out. For sure you will also agree.

  16. Francesco says...

    Excellent philly cheese steak. My wife thinks its the best she had in Florida. I tried the Curry chicken hoagie and it was like NOTHING I had before. Really creative use of indian spices on a hoagie!!! Far exceeded our expectations.

  17. Cynthia says...

    I simply think it is as good as Philly’s Philly However if Ely ‘ the owner”makes it you might think its better.

  18. domenic says...

    Their best I think is the Meatball Hoagie. It comes toasted on a garlic smeared bread with a kicked up notch Marinara sauce for just $4.99

  19. David says...

    I like their 9 inch Boar’s Head Hoagie specials under $6 . Fresh and loaded .It can’t be beat.

  20. Louie G says...

    Terrific subs.
    Great find.

  21. Dave says...

    Funny review.

  22. Jessica says...

    I have been driving past this place daily, and would go to Jimmy Johns next door for day old bread very often… I am not a HUGE fan of Jimmy Johns but on occasion I’ll get a sub.

    I wanted to check out Swifty’s and today was the day. They are having sub specials on cold subs and meatball. I tried the Italian Combo and OMG it is SO DELICIOUS I am ashamed at myself for not going in sooner! There are tons of food places in S FL for sure, and I’m newer here myself (Midwest, call me a snowbird lol But I’m never going back!) and been trying to check out the smaller non-chain restaurants.

    This one truly should be a chain! I take that back… no changes, just stay here forever. I am in love… So much for my wanting to diet.

    Now I need to try Cheesesteak and all the other delicious choices. They have breakfast sandwiches too!!! Dunkin across the street I’ve visted too many times, but I’m not a fan of their breakfast outside of doughnuts.

    Swifty’s will be getting a new regular 🙂 I’m excited for my son to try!!! He is going to always ask for subs now lol

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