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White Manna (Hackensack)

Posted on April 28th, 2014 · American Fast Food


*. White Manna.

For the past 15 years Jeff Eats has been getting his haircut at Joe & Mario’s Barbershop in Boca Raton. For years, the shop’s owner Rosa (don’t ask) has been telling Jeff Eats about White Manna her Hackensack hometown -favorite hamburger/slider joint…

To make a long story short, Jeff Eats finally got to White Manna and I gotta tell you that its sliders-are now the yardstick for Jeff Eats when eating sliders. So, if you ever find yourself in Hackensack- this joint is a “must try.”

By the way, what’s the difference between a good and bad haircut? Two weeks,

2 Comments to “White Manna (Hackensack)”

  1. A34Gt says...

    I’ve eaten here and the sliders are awesome.
    Many food lists have them in top 10 burgers.
    There is a dispute with a White Mana in Jersey City as to who is better. Never been to that one.

  2. Lou G. says...

    Jeff, White Manna is a legendary fast food burger joint. Always in somebody’s top 10.
    By the way Ive been to both Whites and the one in Jersey City doesn’t even come close to the one in Hackensack.

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