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School Snacks

Posted on April 27th, 2014 · American Desserts Fast Food Music/Events/Other


* School Snacks.

Now- after all Jeff Eats is a food blog…

How many of you guys remember school-snacks?

If memory serves me correctly, back in the 50’s- NYC’s elementary schools (every afternoon) provided students with a small container of milk -and students could buy up to 3 sugar cookies for a penny a piece.


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  1. Allan S says...

    I went to PS 217 in Brooklyn in the 50s. I remember the. Cookies and also that they sold Pretzel a Rods for 2 cents. The max was 5 cents a day.

  2. LA1973 says...

    Hey Jeff, you are dating yourself.
    How about this one, I recall when you use to substitute at Bilderse JHS in 1971 – 1973 when you were in Law School. I was in the 7-8-9 grades back then and use to hangout with aMusic teacher Frank Cama .

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