Junior’s Restaurant (Brooklyn)

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* Junior’s Restaurant.

Just curious, how many of you guys have eaten at Junior’s?

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  1. Noah Lerner says...

    When I attended LIU I ate there at least 2x a week. That was 40 years ago. Great food.

  2. Adam R says...

    Its cheesecake. Is awesome.
    Ate there last week and its pastrami and corned beef on twin tolls was fabulous.
    A true landmark.

  3. GR says...

    Know this joint well.
    I went to Brooklyn Law 1966-69. Ate Junior’s many times during those years.

  4. Back then it was Junior’s, Senior’s or Cookie’s.
    My family use to eat in Cookies on Avenue M. in Brooklyn every Friday night when I was a kid in the 50s. When I got married and moved to Woodmere I use to eat in Senior’s. Junior’s wasn’t a steady thing but over the years I have probably eaten there 5 or 6 times.
    Thanks, for the pleasant memory.

  5. Nobody makes cheesecake like Juniors.
    Some clown opened a diner with the same name in Coral Springs a few years ago. Didn’t last long.

  6. Tony says...

    Hi Jeff,

    I just stumbled on your blog yesterday as it popped up in my Google Alerts for Brooklyn and I think it’s great! I especially loved this post about Junior’s.

    I own a company called A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours ( I left 20 years in healthcare to start this company so that I can introduce people from around the country, and around the world, to Brooklyn’s favorite foods, neighborhoods, landmarks and famous movie locations.

    Junior’s is the lunch stop on our Neighborhood Tour where everyone sits down for pastrami sandwiches, fries, soft drinks as well as a slice of cheesecake (I call it a slab of cheesecake!)and a chocolate egg cream for dessert.

    I always love watching the reaction on peoples’ faces, both those who’ve been to Junior’s before and those who are experiencing it for the first time, when they walk in and sit down in one of the many themed rooms. The place, the food. the ambiance and the history brings such a smile to their faces. We feel Junior’s is as important and a vital part of Brooklyn to shw tourists as all the other things we feature on our tours like Brooklyn Bridge Park or driving under the El on 86th Street or strolling on the Coney Island Boardwalk.

    So thank you for starting this blog and keep up the good work! You’ve made a new subscriber out of me 🙂


    Tony Muia, Owner/Operator
    A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours

  7. Ann Greene says...

    Junior’s is a Brooklyn legend.
    It’s cheesecake is world famous.
    It’s food is fabulous.
    Generations of New Yorkers and tourists alike love this institution.

  8. I’ve been eating their pastrami and corned beef on twin rolls for over 50 years. Doesn’t get much better than that.

  9. Sammie says...

    I have eaten there literally 100 times. Best diner type food anywhere.

  10. Shelly H says...

    Even as a Bronxite I have eaten in Jrs and I about to order a cheesecake delivered to my mother as part of her 100th Birthday Celebration.

    Otherwise it was either the 167th Street Cafeteria or Addie Valens or the 161st street cafeteria.

    • Roy says...

      The 161st street cafeteria was named the Jerome Cafeteria.
      There was a small entrance/exit on the Jerome Ave side that was up a few stairs, and in the window next to it was a perpetual fountain that was a pitcher of water filling a glass.
      The main entrance was on 161st next to the corner newspaper/soda shop, which had a window full of toys and items like AM radios.
      A sign in the cafeterias window on 161st read, bottomless cup of coffee, 10 cents

  11. Joey Diamond says...

    Ive eaten there for years.
    Best cheesecake ever.

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