Tucker Duke’s Lunchbox & Market (Deerfield Beach)

Posted on April 25th, 2014 · American Breakfast Deerfield Beach


***** Tucker Duke’s Lunchbox & Market, 1101 South Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442, (954) 708-2035.

Way back on February 14, 2014–Jeff Eats mentioned Tucker Duke’s Lunchbox & Market-an “upscale” wait-service hamburger joint in Deerfield Beach. You can check that 2/14/2014 “story” if you like–but the jist was-that the joint had just opened for business, that I had not yet eaten there and that Jeff Eats had heard terrific things about Tucker Duke’s from -friends at Burger Beast

Now, since that “story” appeared, the Sun Sentinel reviewed the joint–giving it a real-solid 3 stars…in addition, Jeff Eats must have spoken to at least 15 people who had eaten there and had really enjoyed the food and service.

Now, I could say…”You’ve read and heard from the rest, now listen to the best (that’s of course Jeff Eats) but I won’t…just too tacky!


Last night Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats had dinner at Tucker Duke’s and I gotta tell you we absolutely loved the food, service, d├ęcor and vibe.

Tucker Duke’s is “literally” located no-where…it’s in a small strip center and is in between a Dunkin’ Donuts and a Subway. The whole store is 1,600 square feet and it has 12 seats outside. Inside, it has 1- table that seats 4, a small bar (wine and beer) that seats 16 and a- common seating-hi top setup that handles 16…that’s the whole shooting match. By the way on that common seating hi top—think of “strangers” sitting with “strangers” and you’ll be on the right page.

Now let’s talk about menu/and what we ate…Tucker’s menu has 9 appetizers, 14 burgers, 11 sandwiches, 3 salads, 2 desserts…

We tried peanut butter & jelly bon-bons and cheese fritters. We tried The Tucker Duke Burger topped with fried onion rings/American cheese/tucker sauce/lettuce/tomato/onion roll. We tried the Fido Burger topped with American cheese/cheddar cheese/crispy onions/ketchup/tucker sauce/pickles/onion roll. We tried tater tots and sweet potato fries. All Jeff Eats can tell you is that everything was right on the money-and the burgers were exceptionally good.

Last night was a Thursday night…Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats got there around 7pm. When we arrived, every seat was taken and it took us 20 minutes to catch a table outside. During the 75 minutes or so that we were there, the crowd was eclectic–I saw college kids, I saw middle aged folks, I saw older folks, I saw young families, I also saw at least 10 takeout pickups.

Let me wrap this up for you,

It’s rare, but every so often a new-joint “catches fire”…time will tell, but Jeff Eats’ gut tells me that Tucker Duke’s is going to be a huge winner.

Check for menu/prices.

Just so you know, Tucker Duke’s has another location in Valparaiso, Florida…

Finally, at the start of this story I mentioned Tucker Duke’s vibe…now you and I know that “vibe” is a subjective thing…This is taken directly from the Tucker’s menu-“WARNING: Lighten up-Tucker Duke’s is not politically correct. If you are easily offended or your egocentric personality compels you to operate with a thin skin, there’s a good chance you’ll be offended here. Consider yourself warned, AND REMEMBER ITS ALL IN GOOD FUN! We believe that tact is for people who aren’t witty enough for sarcasm.” The menu also has a no Whining section…

Trust Jeff Eats on this one, the food is dynamite, the service is solid, the prices are reasonable, the music is loud, the “crowd” is shall we say-“fun”—and you’ll really enjoy yourself (that is, unless you are a real whining egocentric person).

Tucker Duke’s Lunchbox & Market is open Monday-Saturday 10:30am-10pm, Sunday 9pm-9pm.

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  1. EK (Parkland) says...

    Nice meeting you last night at Tucker’s. We were the party of four sitting outside right in front of the door. As we mentioned our two teenagers had been there before so the four of us came last night. My husband and I both thought that the burgers were terrific. They really give you a big burger for the money. We also had the potato tots and they were pretty good but not close to the how terrific the burger were. We definitely will be back and will be following your site for old and new picks. Thanks,

  2. Ken W says...


    Sounds like Charm City in Deerfield..have you been there?

    • ZED says...

      Are you being silly or something?
      Type in Charm City on Jeff Eats.

  3. jessesjames says...

    Jeff, Looks like this one is developing a cult like following. I was there last night and it was a 30 minute wait for a table. People seem to love the whole concept. I had a Tucker Duke Burger and loved it. The sweet potato fries were just fair. Definitely would go back.

  4. JEFF E says...

    Have eaten there three times.
    Best burgers.

  5. Rodi says...

    My wife and I went there last Friday night at 8pm and there was an hour wait to get in. Didn’t stick around but this restaurant sure is popular. Will try it another time .

  6. Ronnie B says...

    More hype than anything else.

  7. Barry Horowitz says...

    Food is terrific.

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