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Howie’s Top Dog (Davie)

Posted on April 17th, 2014 · American Davie Fast Food Subs/Salads


***** Howie’s Top Dog, 5021 South State Road 7, Davie, Florida 33314, (954) 792-8686.

Let me start by saying, Jeff Eats loved- Howie’s Top Dog in Davie.

Real simple concept…fast food-order at/pickup at the counter/20 seats—hot dogs (All-Beef-Vienna…either boiled or grilled), burgers, stuffed baked potatoes, salads, handful of sandwiches/sides.

A recent outing had Jeff Eats “doing” –breaded chicken filet sub with ketchup, mayo, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, pickles ($4.99)—-grilled hot dog with mustard/sauerkraut ($3.29)—-cheese stuffed (American/cheddar/mozzarella/feta) baked potato ($4.99)—- Greek Salad ($6.99)…Do you know what pigs in sh@t are? Well Jeff Eats and to a lesser extend Mrs. Jeff Eats were two of them.-Give you two guesses and the first one doesn’t count- as to who ordered the Greek salad!

Real Easy,

Howie’s Top Dog’s food was delicious. I must-tell you, that- breaded chicken filet sub was worth the drive alone–just outstanding! Loved it!

You can check Howie’s Top Dog’s website for menu/prices/photos/other info.

Howie’s Top Dog is open Monday-Saturday 10:am-4pm, closed on Sunday/

12 Comments to “Howie’s Top Dog (Davie)”

  1. mark says...

    Jeff i have not been here but guys at work swear by it.

    • TURNER says...

      Been to Hotdog opolis.
      Not even close to Howie’s.

    • Anthony Franza says...

      The guys at work obviously don’t know much about Chicago styled hot dogs and sausages. In addition they use prepackaged gyro meat in their gyros. Not a very good place.

      • mark says...

        Like i said i have never been but the guys who go one is from NY and the other Chicago and they like it.

    • David L says...

      I like Hotdogopolis, but I can’t swear by it since my idea of a Hot Dog is a well-done Nathan’s w/mustard (Brown NOT Yellow).

      However, Jeff, if you do end up trying Hotdogopolis…get the square knish!!! That I CAN swear by!

  2. Ken W says...

    Jeff, How can you not order it Chicago style? Vienna dog with steamed poppy seed bun requires it!

    • JeffEats says...

      Ken W:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      As a regular Jeff Eats’ reader, I think you know or should know, that I don’t enjoy boiled or steam dogs. I really enjoy grilled hot dogs. I also think that hot dogs should be topped with mustard and sauerkraut and every so often grilled onions. No problem trying “other” toppings etc., but the dog- pointed out above, isn’t to my liking.

      Thanks for reading…

      • Ken W says...


        It’s not required to be boiled, You can order a char dog Chicago style.

        • TURNER says...

          Bet you also like ketchup on your dogs.
          Jeff is right the Chicago toppings aren’t what real New Yorkers like.

          • Ken W says...

            Ketchup is a no no on dogs. Next time try the Italian Beef or Beef and sausage combo..

      • Jon G says...

        Every once in awhile sabretts onions in sauce

  3. robertw says...

    I had the best hot dog ever. Last Sept. It was in Vienna! Vienna, Austria that is. There was a large street kiosk and it cost about $5.00 USD. They offered hotdogs, sausages etc. The thing was huge. The roll was long and they slide it on a metal rod to poke a hole in. They slip the hotdog and mustard in the hole.

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