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The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.

Posted on April 13th, 2014 · American Delicatessen Fast Food


* The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.

Way back on August 11, 2009–Jeff Eats told you guys about a new fast food bagel joint, The Original Brooklyn Water Co. that had just opened for business in Delray Beach.

Since that date- The Original Brooklyn Water Co. has grown to 13 Florida locations and 5 other outposts in other states.

Over the years, Jeff Eats has eaten-in and taken-out a number of times from the original (pun intended) Delray Beach joint.

Good bagels, good spreads and good coffee is the best way to describe The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.

To be perfectly honest with you, in the past 5 years or so, Jeff Eats hasn’t really been following The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. story closely. I will tell you that I had read about a series of lawsuits filed against the Company involving its claims about having a process that “makes water into Brooklyn water.” If you check, my initial write-up briefly touched on the water-claim.


Yesterday afternoon, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats ate at the Delray Beach store. I had an everything/with chicken salad and Mrs. Jeff Eats had a toasted Russian pumpernickel with tuna salad–the bagels and spreads were right on the money.

This latest eating-outing got me thinking about The Original Brooklyn Water Co. and what happened to those “lawsuits.”

To answer my own lawsuits’ question: I’m not sure.

What I did learn- was that other then 2-stores (which are franchised), the other 16 are Company owned. Now just guessing here, The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. (which was set-up as a franchise business)–based on its website (, there is no longer any mention of franchising/opportunities. That tells me, that the Company is out of the franchise business. To take it one step further, I got a sneaking suspicion that the “water system” really wasn’t/isn’t all that it was cracked-up to be and The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. “decided” not to use that “gimmick” to sell franchises–thus a Company owned store policy and no new franchises.

To wrap it up,

The bagels are good. The spreads are good. The coffee is good. The d├ęcor is cool. The service is good. The water “ain’t” so good-assuming you are looking for “Brooklyn Water.”

25 Comments to “The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.”

  1. JHT1964 says...

    I eat in Delray store at least twice a week. The bagels are excellent. I think you are right on why no more franchising. The water story is just that a story and nothing more.

  2. Tom Kennedy says...

    If they are no longer franchising that means that the water claims weren’t legit.

  3. Ed Berman says...

    Jeff- I just read your comments about The Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. FYI, they are opening a new location in Boca. It is next to the Kosher Market on Powerline Rd. We are looking forward to when it opens.

    • ZED says...

      Great location.
      It is a company store.
      It will really hurt Bagel City and Einstein which are near by.

  4. Garry Spear says...

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Garry Spear
    To: Devon3746
    Sent: Tue, Apr 22, 2014 6:29 am
    Subject: Brooklyn Water Bagels

    From: Garry Spear
    Subject: Brooklyn Water Bagels

    Message Body:
    HI, Jeff,

    I am the Director of Administration for The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.
    I’m glad that you enjoy our restaurants. I read your April 13, 2014, blog, and
    I wanted to speak with you to answer the question that you had, and to help you
    correct a few mistakes in your article. Thanks

    This mail is sent via contact form on Jeff Eats

    • JeffEats says...

      Garry Spear:

      On receipt of your email Jeff Eats e-mailed you a telephone number where I could be reached.

      Never heard from you.

      Thanks for reading…

      • J Simmons says...

        The founder Steve Fassberg probably fired Gary. Steve has a history of firing everyone who looks at him crooked. A pathetic man with money is still pathetic.

    • Lodi says...

      What were you going to tell Jeff, that the water is fake?

  5. Ellen Meizel says...

    I would love to see The Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. go Kosher like Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts.I could have my bagel and eat it too!

  6. sty maron says...

    i’m with u the water story is bs.

  7. Lodi says...

    That new boca loc on Powerline is going to be a big winner.

  8. Dempsey says...

    They make very good bagels.
    IMHO the water claims are total bs.
    Fassberg is a bs artist.
    He owned several other delis in Florida that failed. Ask his landlords.
    I think you are right as to why no more franchising.
    As for Larry King he is a whore. He’d sell his mother for a buck. Phelps is just a paid gun bsing the public.

  9. Zippy439 says...

    Delicious ice coffee. Delicious bagels. Fake Brooklyn Water.

  10. Hank L says...

    Got a mixed bakers doz yesterday for 10.98. All good but each bagel had a hole that was bigger than the Lincoln Tunnel. So those big bagels really ain’t that big at all.

  11. AF6 says...

    The Brooklyn water claim sounds bogus to me.
    They make Very good bagels.

  12. KSR says...

    I was just looking at its corporate site and there is no mention of Larry King. Maybe he jumped ship. Anyone know anything?

  13. Dave says...

    Steve fassberg is a crook!

  14. Keith Foster says...

    I was also born and raised in Brooklyn and consider myself a connoisseur. After living outside of New York for the past 30+ years I got fed up with garbage bagels from Einstein, Noah’s, Baltimore, Western, Panera, and all single store wannabees, so I began making my own.

    I quickly found out that water is not as important as other things, such as the right flour and boiling (of course). My bagels are better than the places I just mentioned. So water is not the issue, but I think it’s a good marketing gimmick.

    However, I’ve now had the opportunity to visit the two stores in the Los Angeles area. These bagels are by far the best bagels in California. They are as close to being bagels from Brooklyn as possible. They are delicious.

  15. J Simmons says...

    All negative comments about Fassberg are so true. He’s a BS artist who USES PEOPLE and then fires them. You should here his shpeil about the water system. He sounds like a recording. Just hit play.

  16. Joe Epstein says...

    This guy Fassberg is a total bullshit artist.
    I would bet anything that the water system is fake.
    The bagels are good but trust me there are plenty of better bagels being made in Florida.
    Fassberg lives in the Woodfiield Country Club in Boca Raton. When he opens his mouth he sounds like an arrogant fool that you want to punch out.
    Should you folks have the misfortune to meet him as I did in the Country Club’s Clubhouse be sure to ask the clown how his Wolfie’s delis in Boca Raton, Pompano Beach and Aventura did. Total failures.

    • Lou Q says...

      Had his bagels for the first time at a friend’s house this evening, et, Asiago, whole wheat average at best.

  17. Ira Gold says...

    I think they make really good bagels. Not sure if water is legit or not, but the bagels are really good.

  18. Jay Reade says...

    Decent enough bagels, but from being outstanding.

  19. Red J says...

    They make delicious bagels.

  20. Donald R says...

    Fassberg is a schmuck.

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