Stephen Colbert To Replace David Letterman

Posted on April 11th, 2014 · Music/Events/Other


* Stephen Colbert To Replace David Letterman.

Let’s put the pizza joints and ice cream joints and Chinese joints on hold for about 15 seconds…

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard that CBS- has signed Stephen Colbert to replace David Lettermen in 2015.

Now-Jeff Eats could be dead wrong here-but I think that ratings hungry CBS has made a huge

Here’s why-

The way I see it, having watched Stephen Colbert in one-form-or-another…he’s basically a Liberal Democrat. Now, based on recent Presidential-Congressional elections I’m thinking that America is basically 50% Democrat and 50% Republican—Even Steven -liberal-conservative.

Now…I seriously doubt that Stephen Colbert is going to draw much of an audience from that 50% Republican-conservative segment. Folks who watch “late night” shows like Letterman and Leno (now Fallon) are looking for light-whimsical stuff-not sarcastic political humor.

Sorry CBS…you bought a guy who should be a switch hitter–but he only bats from the left side of the plate.

Catch you guys in 2015 and we’ll see how Colbert is doing.

Now, back to pizza-ice cream-Chinese joints.

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  1. TURNER says...

    I agree 1000% that Colbert will be a ratings disaster. Half the watching population won’t even bother to tune in. ABC and NBC must be thrilled with CBS’ dumb move.

    • HerbK says...

      Colbert won’t do a political show and he is a replacing a liberal who has had a 22 year run on CBS so far. Colbert and John Stewart are the funniest guys on TV and get great ratings.

      Colbert will get ratings from the most important demographic 18 – 49 years old. Those people don’t lean to the right, outside of the old confederate states, and they are the poorest states in the country

  2. Biker Bob says...

    *shakes head*

    I suppose that we shouldn’t be that surprised, Jeff, that you’re in the demographic that watches Fox News and has been hoodwinked by its disinformation campaign against this Administration. Probably still waiting for a birth certificate to be produced by the Kenyan Muslim Socialist Black Panther, right? Still discussing Benghazi, maybe Obamaphones…perhaps Fast and Furious?

    Here are a couple facts for you and your audience to consider. One, there is very little information on the ideology of the real Stephen Colbert. The character he plays on his show mocks today’s conservative party and does a great job exposing it for what it is with satire. However, it’s just a character. Two, he has said that he will not be using his character in his new job so it’s anyone’s guess as to what kind of show he’s going to have.

    You do have one valid point, however. Conservatives won’t listen to him. By the time he airs, they’ll be tucked away and sleeping for a couple hours so they can get up bright and early to catch the dolts on Fox and Friends and be bombarded with all the commercials for gold investments, catheters and reverse mortgages.

    Fox and their advertisers appreciate your viewership…and your gullibility.

    • Joe Terry says...

      You are one dumb ass.
      Only dopes like you can’t see that Colbert is an ultra liberal.
      Bet you would be singing a different tune if your son or husband was one of those who were killed at Benghazi.
      By the way I’ve known Jeff Eats since 1966. What crap are you going to tell me when I tell you that he backed Humphrey over Nixon, McGovern over Nixon, Carter over Ford, Clinton over Bush, Clinton over Dole, Kerry over Bush, Obama over McCain?

      • BKA says...

        Hey Joe,
        How about the time that Jeff Eats ended up on that ABC tv documentary about the Vietnam War when he was helping to lead a protest rally in Dewitt Clinton Park in Ithaca?
        Biker Bobby has his head up his ass.

    • Anthony Franza says...

      If what you say is true how come Fox has huge ratings and your pals at MSNBC have no ratings.
      Jeff once again is right on target.
      Late night tv is for easy going programs not clowns with an agenda like Colbert.
      He will be a ratings disaster.

    • Alfred says...

      Well said Biker Bob

      • Alfred says...

        Don’t know about Jeff Eats politics (and frankly don’t care). Colbert plays a character on his current show. I doubt if anyone really knows his politics. I’m sure he is smart enough not to be biased and play it right down the middle.

        • Ed F says...

          Don’t be so naieve.
          Just watch his ratings will stink.

          • mark says...

            Ed he has a huge following with the 25 to 50 demo and thats what they need. The 65+ that watch fox they dont care about.

    • Sid L. Turner says...

      Biker Bob
      The next thing you know you’ll be telling us that Ted Kennedy didn’t get expelled from Harvard Law and didn’t leave a female campaign aid to drown to save his own ass. You’ll also be telling us that old Joe Kennedy wasn’t a bootlegger and a Nazi Sympathizer. Then you’ll tell us that Bill Clinton didn’t have sex with a dumb staffer in the Oval Office. And finally you’ll tell us that Al Gore invented the internet.
      Get a life.
      Colbert ain’t got a prayer against Jimmy Fallon.

    • Larryfine2 says...

      CBS gave away 1/2 of America.
      Bad play.
      Good call Jeff.
      Biker Bob you’ll see.

    • Mr. Cowen says...

      You’re a jackass.
      My health ins premium jumped from 636 a month to 1232 a month. Obama is an asshole.

      • Alfred says...

        What does that have to do with Colbert?

  3. TURNER says...

    Love it. Jeff did again. Got people fighting away.
    The best part is he seemingly let’s everyone speak their piece.

  4. mark says...

    So the replace Liberal Dave with Liberal Steven and thats what you have to complain about?

  5. BMW1956 says...

    Alfred and Biker Bob:
    I think you are missing as to exactly what Jeff is discussing.

    Jeff is saying that Conservatives currently don’t watch Colbert. However many of them watch Letterman. That means that Colbert on CBS will start out with far less viewers than Letterman has. CBS is looking for ratings and losing 50 percent of the adult population right off the bat is stupid.

    On Biker’s Pro Obama rant and Negative Fox rant, the guy is just very biased. I watch Fox and think that Most of MSNBC shows are a waste. Yet I voted for Obama the first time. This Biker Bob is so blinded by distrust that he can’t see that Obama has made countless mistakes.

    Time will tell if Colbert does well. Personally I think CBS will regret the move big time.

  6. Fred Dread says...

    wow! There’s a surprise. Angry old white man Jeff and his Noo Yoik chummies don’t like Colbert.

    Who’d have thunk?

    • TURNER says...

      Hey Fred,
      Where do you see where Jeff doesn’t like watching Colbert?

      You seem to read things that aren’t written.

  7. Ken W says...

    It was a great move to hire him. I’m in the center on politics . Many have moves that way because the Republicans and Dems are really the same. Both parties run by the big banks… Colbert is very talented and will have no problem making fun of everyone.

  8. Colbert is too controversial for prime time.
    Ratings will be lousy.

    • Alfred says...

      How do you know how controversial Colbert is? HE PLAYS A CHARACTER ON HIS CURRENT SHOW. Let’s wait and see what the real Colbert looks like.

      • LennyBruce says...

        50% of America already hates the guy. No way in Hell that they will tune it to see his new show.
        Fallon is going to wipe him out.

  9. jessejames says...

    People want no BRAINER light tv at night. Not Colbert’s cleverness..

  10. HerbK says...

    They want someone who is witty, intelligent, and funny, That eliminates all right wingers

  11. ZED says...

    Colbert will bomb.
    We ‘ll have to wait but I don’t see him coming even close to Fallon .

    • HerbK says...

      it’s hard to disagree with people who think the planet is less than 6,000 years old and that predicted the Romney landslide.

      I usually don’t watch late night TV but when I do I watch John Stewart and Colbert. They are laugh out loud funny. I have never watched Fallon on late night TV but from the clips I see on YouTube he doesn’t appear to lean to the right. He seems to be very talented so I am sure that there will be a ratings war among the crowd that watches those type of shows.

  12. Lo Lo says...

    With Trump in the WH, Colbert has been beating Fallon. Trump is so easy to make fun of.

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