Hamburger Heaven (West Palm Beach)

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***** Hamburger Heaven, 1 North Clematis Street, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401, (561) 655-5277.

Way back on July 7, 2008 Jeff Eats told you guys about Hamburger Heaven-that was located at 314 South County Road in Palm Beach.

In a nutshell, “that” Hamburger Heaven was a 1945 (from 1945-1953 it was located at 295 South County Road) “mom & pop” diner–that had a horseshoe stool counter/handful of booths–and made delicious hamburgers.

For those of you who might care, Jeff Eats’ original article is reprinted below.

To make a long story short, in 2013 Hamburger Heaven moved from its South County home and opened on Clematis Street.


The other day, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats got up to the new Hamburger Heaven for lunch…now nothing for nothing, I liked the “real 1940’s-1950’s” décor better than- the current “faux 1940’s-1950’s” décor…but I will tell you, that the cheeseburgers, French fries, onion rings, griddled hot dogs, chocolate/vanilla shakes- we had were all-delicious.

Look! Jeff Eats is a bona fide sucker for real-old diners–that said, I definitely can appreciate Hamburger Heaven’s leap into the 21st Century…for sure, if I hadn’t been to the Real McCoy (you guys do remember Walter Brennan and Richard Crenna, sure you do!)–I’d be going nuts over the new location’s decor, but what is-is.

Hamburger Heaven’s menu is packed with breakfast stuff, sandwiches, burgers, a create your own salad “thing”-desserts. Take a look at…you’ll find loads of pictures/ menu-prices.

Let me wrap this up for you…

The “new” Hamburger Heaven is a winner. Welcome to the 21st Century (that- create your own salad “thing” is the tip-off that it ain’t the 50’s anymore…not to mention the large outdoor dining patio, that I’m just now telling you about.)

Hamburger Heaven is open Monday-Friday 11am-9pm, Saturday 9am-9pm, Sunday 9am-3pm.
Hamburger Heaven (Palm Beach)
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***** Hamburger Heaven, 314 South County Road, Palm Beach, Florida 33480 (561) 655-5277.

Hamburger Heaven has been in business since 1945. It’s got booths and a horseshoe shaped counter for seating.

This joint is open Monday-Saturday 7:30 am-8pm. It is closed on Sunday.

This is one of my favorite places for a “nice” greasy cheeseburger/french fries/Coke. Hamburger Heaven has loads of toppings for its burgers…This is also a great place for a diner-type breakfast. For those of you not into the burger scene, this joint also has a full-lineup of salads and sandwiches.

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