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***** Hurricane Grill & Wings.

If you guys check, back on 6/6/08, 4/28/10 and 2/18/11 Jeff Eats did “stories” on Hurricane Grill & Wings…In a nutshell, the write-ups talked about food and in large part about a Customer Loyalty Rewards Program that was a dismal failure. If you like, you can review those stories–as to my “thoughts” back then-about the wings/burgers/salads that this chain served up–as well as the loyalty system employed.


Last night, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats had dinner at the Hurricane Grill & Wings located in Boca Raton. Long story short, friends of ours were “heading” back-up to New York this morning and Hurricane Grill was a convenient spot to meet at-before they started their trip.

Not going to discuss the current state of the chains’ Loyalty program…I will tell you that the salads, wings, cheeseburger sliders and key lime pie that we shared were all- right on the money. Suffice it to say, we enjoyed the food and the service was good-despite the fact that the joint was packed to the rafters with kids–because something like -Balloon Lady Night was going on.

The main reason I am telling you about this “outing” -is that I noticed a flyer on one of the doors advertising a “free” Tom Petty Tribute Show…when Jeff Eats asked the GM about the band, he indicated that every Saturday night, the Boca Raton restaurant and the Hurricane Grill & Wings in Wellington have live bands performing. In Boca-an out door tent is set up in the parking lot next to the restaurant and in Wellington the bands play inside—


You guys now know where you can catch some good wings/burgers/salads–and enjoy some live music while you eat.

The suggestion here is to check Hurricane Grill & Wings’ website for South Florida locations/menu/check dates-bands performing.

One final thought, the Boca Raton and Wellington locations are owned by the parent company–others in the area are franchised joints…the point, the franchises may or may not have “live” music-so it pays to check what’s-what with them.

Just so you know-Hurricane Grill & Wings currently has 6-Florida outposts–Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach Gardens (2), Wellington, Royal Palm Beach.

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  1. Nick 432 says...

    Very bad call here.
    Went last night.
    Band was loud and not very good.
    Food was good.
    Service was HORRENDOUS.
    Waiter disappeared after food arrived.
    Had to get another server to refill soda.
    Waiter lied about sides upgrade cost.
    This was a very bad outing in Boca.
    Will not be back.

  2. Lou Adler says...

    Hey Nick 432:

    I had the same thing in Boca with the phony charges.

    Here’s also a Yelp review saying the samething.

    I figured since it has been a year and a half……I would try it again. Bad idea! My son and I both wanted wings. They have a combo that consists of 30 wings and included is two sides. Had we gotten 15 wings each and added sides, it would have been LESS expensive than the “combo” by about $9.00. When I questioned the server, she didn’t know what I was trying to say. I guess she was not the sharpest pin!?!?!?
    The manager knew exactly what I was talking about and all I said to him was…..Why is it more expensive for the combo than if I would have purchased these things separately?
    His response……….will change the bill.
    A little deceptive I think. All in all….the food was fair at best.

    We will not return.

  3. Nicky A says...

    Their menu is very confusing.
    Their wings are virtually meatless.
    Most of their help in incompetent.

  4. Jedlee says...

    Don’t ever use Matt the Waiter.
    Could be the world’s worst waiter.
    In attentive.
    Then cons you on price of side dishes.
    You have been warned and if you get him you will be very unhappy with the service and be seeing the manager to get your check adjusted.

    Imagine how bad this Matt is for a customer to single him out and write a review like this.

    He is in Boca Raton.

  5. Jessejames says...

    I find its wings mediocre and overpriced.

  6. ksr says...

    This evening took out from Boca joint wings, salad, fries and food was good, not great. I told the mgr Mike Krammer that I had trouble putting order online thus not entitled to 15% promo and he gladly gave me the discount right in the store.

  7. Robert Roberts says...

    You get 18 wings for $19.99 which is very expensive. The wings aren’t big or meaty. Not giving you a good value for your money. Go elsewhere .

  8. Alvin W says...

    Had 10 teriyaki wings and they were very good. Also had ff which were not the best.

  9. Tony V says...

    Did 20 wings, 1/2 honey mustard and 1/2 teriyaki and both flavors were delicious. Nice meatly wings.

  10. Arthur W says...

    Love their honey mustard wings.

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