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College Cookies!

Posted on March 25th, 2014 · Desserts Fast Food Music/Events/Other


* College Cookies!

Jeff Eats recently got an email from Tad G. Take a look at it:

Hey Jeff,

Like you, my parents were born in Brooklyn.
My dad attended Madison HS and my mom went to Lincoln HS.
Based on your site’s bio, your about 8 years older than they are.
We moved to Delray Beach in 2004.
I’m currently a junior at the University of Miami.
I have friends at colleges all over the United States and a number of them told me that there are local companies that deliver in the evening fresh baked cookies/milk/other items to dorms and apartments on/near campus.
There is a company in Miami named Night Owl Cookie doing the same thing.
I was wondering as to what you think of this type of business?
The reason I ask, I was thinking that maybe this cookie delivery business could develop into a huge national business with a handful of dominant players.
My dad and a few of his friends maybe willing to bankroll a startup for this.
Would appreciate your thoughts.
Jeff Eats “reply”–

Tad G.:

The cookie “delivery” business that you mentioned is an interesting concept.
Jeff Eats first heard about it about 6 years ago from a student at Indiana University.
Since then, I have kept an eye on the “industry” and note that many “college towns” have some type of variation on the concept.
If you check Insomnia Cookies ( which was started in 2003 by a University Of Pennsylvania student currently has 40 locations.
Not to burst any bubbles, but personally I think that it’s a limited business.
Unlike pizza, wings–I just don’t see “cookie delivery” as being really huge no matter what time it is.
Not saying it doesn’t work, but I don’t think that it works everywhere like Burger King, Subway.
I think that cookies are a really limited product.

Hope my thoughts help.

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  1. Sid L. Turner says...

    Have to agree with you. Good idea for some local college kid, but isn’t really a business that can be scaled up.

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