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Tio Colo Bocaditos de Helado (Miami)

Posted on March 17th, 2014 · Desserts Fast Food Miami


***** Tio Colo Bocaditos de Helado, 6268 Southwest 8th Street, Miami, Florida 33144, (786) 536-9007.

Jeff Eats loved, Tio Colu Bocaditos de Helado…a hole in the wall ice cream store that has a handful of tables inside/outside.

Real simple concept…the joint makes “Cuban” ice cream sandwiches.

All of the ice cream is made in-house, figure something like a dozen different flavors—the ice cream which is hard-is then sandwiched between two slices of soft pound cake that are dusted in sugar. You pick your sandwich-out of a large freezer.

To make a long story short…Jeff Eats “sampled” (well someone has to do it!) chocolate, coconut, almond, dulce de leche-and I gotta tell you–this stuff is addictive…delicious ice cream/delicious pound cake.

As I mentioned a few seconds ago, I loved this joint…and if you like ice cream, you’ll be on the same page as Jeff Eats.

Tio Colo Bocaditos de Helado is open Tuesday-Friday 11am-8pm, Saturday noon-9pm, closed Sunday-Monday.

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  1. Sha says...

    Hi Jeff, Been reading your column forever. Love it! Just wanted to let u know, it’s Bocaditos, not Bocadtios. Bocadito means a little bite. My Irish mom wud be proud of me!

    • JeffEats says...


  2. ClownieJones says...

    I think that they have a second location in Hialeah.

  3. KitKarson says...

    hey jeff. burger beast did a great story on this joint. super photos.

  4. Lazara Duarte says...


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