* One Of Jeff Eats’ Favorite Yelp Reviews!

Posted on March 13th, 2014 · Delray Beach Music/Events/Other

* One Of Jeff Eats’ Favorite Yelp Reviews!

Read this one on YELP.

Now nothing for nothing, I’ll bet you guys a buck that “those” grandparents were more than happy to let these two-food critics- escape.

“My sister and I were visiting our grandparents in Delray Beach recently. This is something that Jews often do. We decided we wanted to escape for a bit and go somewhere where we were not the youngest people by 20 years, so we went downtown. My sister is a Buddhist and we are both suckers for places with an overly hip Asian theme, so here we were.

It was kind of bumpin’ on a Saturday at 10pm, but filled up more by the time we left. We found a table, ordered some sake and a sampler of sashimi and chatted for awhile while admiring the view. The sake was very good. The sashimi was better. The prices were high, but your usual for downtown. Service was good enough. We left happy.”

4 Comments to “* One Of Jeff Eats’ Favorite Yelp Reviews!”

  1. TURNER says...

    I thought Buddhists try not to drink alcohol. Maybe it was Manishevitz.

  2. ZED says...

    great find.
    very funny.

  3. mark says...

    I looked up her yelp account her reviews are funny. She should do a blog like Jeff.

  4. jku says...

    I think Bob Dylan also became a Buddhist or was that George Harrison of The Beatles?

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