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Posted on March 12th, 2014 · American Breakfast Delicatessen Delray Beach


***** Ruven’s, 13800 Jog Road, Delray Beach, Florida 33484, (561) 499-9003.

Back on February 20, 2011 Jeff Eats told you guys about Ruven’s a New York Kosher Style Deli that had just opened for business in the San Marco Shopping Center in Delray Beach. To make a long story short– Ruven’s opened in a spot where two bagel/delis had previously failed. I guess, Ruven’s owner, Steve Ratinetz was betting on real good food and “three times the charm” to make Ruven’s a winner…


Here it is 3-years later and Ruven’s is “sort-a” still around. Now follow me, a few months ago, Ratinetz moved Ruven’s…3 maybe- 4 bays down-into a store formerly occupied by Lenny’s New York Grille.


No doubt in Jeff Eats’ mind…the ‘new” Ruven’s is now in a much better spot–that being right next door to Publix. Same food and service-with the “new” Ruven’s featuring a really cool “lower NYC east-side” circa 1940-1950 decor. Having eaten in Lenny’s numerous times, I can tell you-that Ratinetz did a great job in combining his own decorative ideas with Lenny’s decor remnants.

Just wanted to re-introduce you guys to an old-favorite of mine.

Now…Does Ruven’s qualify under the “three times the charm” rule?

The original February 20, 2011 review is reprinted below.

***** Ruven’s, 13800 Jog Road, Delray Beach, Florida 33484, (561) 499-9003.
Bingo!— Home Run!

If you are looking for a terrific-New York Kosher Style Deli—your wish has been answered. Say hello, to Ruven’s which opened last Wednesday in Delray Beach. For right now, the joint is open 7 days a week from 8am-3pm—look for “dinner” to be added sometime in late March.

Just some background info… “this” Ruven’s is owned by Steve Ratinetz who in the mid 1990′s-2003 owned/operated Ruven’s in Plainview, New York—which was an absolutely terrific kosher deli. My January 25, 2011 Ruven’s of Long Island writeup- has more “history” if you are a history-buff.

You know and I know, that South Florida has more bagel delis than you can shake a stick at…just for the record, Ruven’s is not and I repeat the word NOT, a bagel deli. For sure, it has the requisite “500″ types of bagels, bialys and onion boards—that said, this joint is all about pastrami- corned beef- brisket- turkey- stuffed derma- potato pancakes- blintzes, chopped liver-stuffed cabbage-fried kreplach-matzo ball soup—that rival the best stuff served in NYC, Chicago…or for that matter, anywhere that you formerly called home.

If there is one thing that Jeff Eats knows—it’s good deli.

This afternoon, in no particular order– I did a “taste test” of pastrami, corned beef, brisket, turkey off the bone, matzo ball soup, cabbage soup, stuffed derma, potato pancakes, chopped liver. fried kreplach…absolutely delicious.

Based on Jeff Eats’ “maiden outing”—I’m putting Ruven’s right up there with South Florida’s best New York Kosher Style Delis. Throw-in huge portions at reasonable prices…and I can’t see Ruven’s not quickly developing an enormous following.

You now know about a terrific deli—this one is a keeper!

21 Comments to “Ruven’s (Delray Beach)”

  1. Jane K. says...

    jeff, i say give ruven’s the benefit of the doubt. same center so i say 3 times worked. by the way i have eaten there several times and the food is very good. for comparison its like 3g’s with same type of food, portion size and price points. it is definitely not in the league of a zinger’s or ben’s, but its very good.

  2. TURNER says...

    The food was good in original location and is good in the new location. The new location is much better as it’s right next to Publix. I think that this was a good move for them.

  3. Mary A says...

    In today’s Sun Sentinel there is a buy one burger get one free coupon. The coupon is advertising a Grand Re Opening.

  4. ZED says...

    Good relocation.
    Ruven’s is on par with 3G’s, Poppies, Flakowitz. Decent enough food and good prices.
    If you are looking for great NYC deli then you got to try Zinger’s in Boca Raton. No one comes close to the quality or tatste of Zinger’s. As Ruven’s serves a good purpose. Decent food, good prices, big portions and now a great looking restaurant.

  5. Al Kooper says...

    Good food and very reasonable prices. Nice looking old NY décor.

  6. Mister F says...

    I recently ate dinner at Ruven’s for the first time and loved the food. Terrific turkey off the bone and potato pancakes.

  7. Marty Wasserman says...

    Great looking deli.
    Food is very good.
    Prices are right.

  8. Edith Solomon says...

    Wonderful deli.
    Food is excellent.
    Prices are very reasonable.
    Good friendly service.

  9. Skip M says...

    Good deli.
    Best in the area.

  10. Nancy W says...

    Getting food from here for the holidays.
    Love their turkey.

  11. Larry W says...

    Tried it last night. Food fair and service fair. Won’t be going again.

  12. Joe Kennedy says...

    Delicious food.
    Terrific service.
    Reasonable prices.

  13. Joan R says...

    Last night, my husband and I tried Ruvens for the first time and I have to tell you that its food is average at best. For sure it gives you a lot of food, but personally we thought that it wasn’t the best quality. Rather than going into detail, its pastrami, corned beef and brisket would have no chance against the 2nd Avenue Deli, Katz, Sarge’s delis in NYC. Let’s call this a bagel store disguised as a deli.

  14. Walter Rosen says...

    As close to being a real NY kosher style deli as can be here in South Florida.

  15. DANNY REID says...




  16. Sam Diamond says...

    Last night had a delicious pastrami/sautéed onions/American cheese omelette with a toasted ET BAGEL and FF. It was big enough for three people to share.

    Ruvens is a great place for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

  17. Pat Vaughn says...

    You are fooling yourself if you think that Ruven’s deli meats are any good.

  18. Anna Yablonski says...

    My husband and I are visiting our cousins who live In Delray Beach.We live full time in Baltimore.
    Last night, the four of us ate Ruvens and the food was delicious. Dishes ordered, included Roast Chicken, Chicken In Pot, Pastrami On Rye, Brisket On Rye, French Fries, Chopped Liver, Stuffed Derma, House Salad, Rugalah.

    Big portions, great service, delicious food priced right.

  19. Linda G says...

    Just moved from Staten Island to Delray Beach.

    Read about Ruven’s here and my husband and I ate there last night.

    The pastrami on rye and the corned beef on rye which we had were ok, but nothing to rave about. The cabbage soup and matza ball soups that we had were very good. Potato knish and french fries were good.

    The place is huge and a bit worn. Service was as friendly as can be.

    All in all, we enjoyed Ruven’s and we will be back.

  20. Martha L says...

    Last night my husband and I ate at Ruvens. We have lived in Coral Lakes for 9 months and this was our first outing to Ruven’s.

    The restaurant is large and at 6:30pm it was very busy.

    My husband ordered the turkey pot pie dinner. It came with a choice of soups and he had a mushroom barley soup. I ordered the turkey dinner. I had a house salad and potato side. For dessert we both had chocolate rugelach.

    Everything we ordered was delicious. Before the food arrived coleslaw and pickles were placed on the table. The coleslaw was one of the best that we’ve ever had.

    Our server was terrific and as friendly as could be.

    All in all a very pleasant meal.

    We definitely will be back.

  21. Karen Schultz says...


    New Jeff Eats readers here. We just retired, moving to Delray Beach last month.

    All i can say, is that if you’re looking for a real deal Kosher Style NY Deli, you got to try Ruven’s. Its food is outrageously delicious.

    Last night my husband and I ate at Ruven’s and it’s a throwback to the delis we enjoyed back in Brooklyn where we lived for over 70 years.

    Great recommendation.

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