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I’m gonna let you guys in on a little secret…

On a daily basis, Jeff Eats “reviews” all types of newspapers, magazines, press releases, internet sites–to “find” new restaurants that may-be of interest for If you don’t think that -I don’t check the Sun Sentinel-Miami Herald-Palm Beach Post-TripAdvisor-Yelp…you’d better think again! I have no problem letting someone else do the grunt work for me–sorta like what you got me doing for you…don’t’cha think?

Just thought I’d mention one site-that I’m gonna bet most of you guys never heard of– Now nothing for nothing, not the most prolific or thought provoking stuff-but its got a ton breakfast joints to “think about.”

Printed below is the “About” for the which covers all 50 states- with literally thousands of BREAKFAST REVIEWS.
Mr Breakfast is committed to: 1) assisting breakfast lovers find the best possible breakfast, and 2) making breakfast lovers out of those who are not.
The site features an interactive database of recipes and restaurant reviews. A section called “The Breakfast Times” offers interesting articles, product reviews and the latest news concerning breakfast.
The Cereal Project at is an online encyclopedia of every breakfast cereal ever made in the U.S. with over 1,400 different cereals profiled.
For assistance navigating around the site, please search for specific items or topics in the search box at the top of each page or consult our site index. Enjoy your stay. Enjoy your breakfast.
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