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Private Island Ice Cream Company (Orlando)

Posted on March 6th, 2014 · American Desserts Fast Food Orlando


***** Private Island Ice Cream Company, 14650 Gatorland Drive, Orlando, Florida 32837, (407) 433-9545.

Got something real cool (no pun intended) for you “Bill Nyes” out there…Private Island Ice Cream Company in Orlando.

Private Island Ice Cream Company…order at the counter-ice cream store…handful of tables inside/outside.

Kicker here–using liquid nitrogen, each flavor ordered is freshly made on the spot.

Now nothing for nothing, if Jeff Eats had paid more attention to what Mrs. Munna in 7th grade Science was talking about–I’d be in a much better position to explain to you- how, starting with a vanilla base, then adding whatever combination of fruits/candy/syrups/cereals/other stuff you’d like–then “zapping” it with liquid nitrogen, Private Island Ice Cream Company “makes” whatever flavored ice cream your mind can imagine.

Like I said 14 seconds ago…real cool.

Not going to bore you with all the clever combos Jeff Eats created–trust me, the ice cream was creamy-smooth- delicious. Otay! (courtesy: Billie “Buckwheat” Thomas) -How about this one: Nutella/fresh strawberries/pistachio nuts?

You can read all about Private Island Ice Cream Company on its website

Private Island Ice Cream is open Sunday-Thursday 1pm-9pm, Friday-Saturday 1pm-10pm.

One final note…

I just wanted you guys to know that Private Island Ice Cream Company “didn’t” invent the- liquid nitrogen ice cream-business…for our purposes, just off the top of Jeff Eats’ head- I can name two similar type “operations” with Florida outposts- Chill-N and Subzero (Chill-N currently has 1 joint in Miami and Subzero has 2 joints in Sarasota). For what it’s worth, I love the concept–as it’s a new spin on the old ice-cream store game. Now, for the $64,000 question: Will this latest ice-cream concept- become an over saturated/over franchised business–that will end badly for most of its operators? “Que sera, sera” (courtesy:Doris Day), wink-wink…you smart guys out there “already” know what lies -ahead!

4 Comments to “Private Island Ice Cream Company (Orlando)”

  1. ZED says...

    jeff, subzero was on shark tank.

  2. TURNER says...

    Looked at a few of these joints’ websites. Looks like a fun concept. It would just seem to me that it takes quite a bit more time to make each customer’s order and that just one or two in help really won’t work.

  3. Karen S. says...

    No question about it this is a new wrinkle on the old ice cream store . Very interesting. No doubt in my mind that these joints will start to pop up all over the country and then a collapse will kill stores off. Like that move Groundhog Day.

  4. Joe C. says...

    ive been to chill n. its really good. very clever presentation.

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