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Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats–really enjoy traveling around Florida/and elsewhere with our dog Jiggy Eats. Every so often we come across a restaurant/store/business/hotel that-shall we say-is not as enamored with Jiggy as we are.

Now this may-be sharing a drop too much with you guys, but Jeff Eats can’t remember the last time that he ran from a fight-(except May 3, 1958/Brooklyn’s P.S. 179 school yard at 3:10pm when it was me against twin bullies/brothers Paul & Richard Garcia-never liked the odds of 2 againt 1, but that’s how these two clown shake-down artists operated)…trust me, I’d love to bump into either-clown today!


I recently came across ( a terrific website that has all kinds of lists/info on dog friendly restaurants/stores/businesses/resorts–by the way, the site covers all 50 states.

So…you dog lovers out there- now have a good source as to which South Florida joints want your business–and those that don’t. Could save you some hassel!

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