The Nauti Dawg Marina Cafe (Lighthouse Point)

Posted on February 24th, 2014 · American Breakfast Lighthouse Point


***** The Nauti Dawg Marina Cafe, 2841 Marina Circle, Lighthouse Point, Florida 33064, (954) 941-0227.

Got something real good for you…The Nauti Dawg Marina Cafe–this “American Style” joint with its indoor/outdoor patio seating is located right on the water in the Lighthouse Point Marina. Just a heads up, when you go there–tee shirts/shorts/flip-flops are the dress of the day–I’m telling you-you’ll swear you’re in Key West based on the architecture/marina views/boats. Another heads up, sitting inside is cool-but sitting outside is even cooler–and the joint is super dog friendly-it even has a K9 menu.

On the food front, The Nauti Dawg does breakfast/lunch/dinner, wine/beer—for sure, not the biggest menu on the planet, but there is enough breakfast stuff, appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers, entrees, desserts so nobody in your party is gonna have to stop at Five Guys to eat on the way home. You can check for menu/prices/pictures.

Here’s an idea for you guys…take your cousin Harriet and her husband Eric who are down here visiting from Kew Gardens to this will blow them away–and Harriet will be busting Eric’s balls for the rest of their stay-questioning why they still live in a 2 bedroom -2 bath apartment across the street from Chin’s American Chinese Restaurant on Queens Boulevard. One quick thought, make sure you bring Harriet and Eric to The Nauti Dog on a gorgeous sunny day after all- we do want to hit them with a 2 by 4-don’t we?

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats loved The Nauti Dawg…delicious caprese salad, crab cakes, cheeseburger–with a special shoutout to the blackened mahi sandwich. By the way, our dog-Jiggy Eats loved the 6oz. non -seasoned chicken breast that he ordered off the K9 menu–at first he wanted to order the Granny’s Apple Crisp (people’s menu)–and we had to explain to him, that baked granny apples with brown sugar-walnuts- topped with cinnamon ice cream wasn’t really-all that good for him. Sports bar service/prices (you can figure what this means for yourself).

The Nauti Dawg Marina Cafe is open Monday-Friday 7:30pm-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 7am-9pm.

One final item, getting back to Harriet and Eric for a moment…on certain days, The Nauti Dog has Key West “type” musicians playing the joint–just a thought- but, just maybe your cousin and cousin by marriage might enjoy the tunes.

The Nauti Dawg…go! you’ll love it.

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  1. Jeff, nice review. clever!

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