* Tucker Duke’s Lunchbox & Market (Deerfield Beach, Valpariso)

Posted on February 14th, 2014 · American Deerfield Beach


* Tucker Duke’s Lunchbox & Market, 1101 South Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442, (954) 708-2035.

The best way to describe Tucker Duke’s Lunchbox & Market…a table service–gourmet hamburger/sandwich shop.

For the record, Tucker Duke’s has 2- Florida locations…1- in Valpariso (Fort Walton/Destin area) and 1- in Deerfield Beach…

Just so you know, Jeff Eats hasn’t eaten in Tucker Duke’s…as a matter of fact, the Deerfield Beach location just opened for business 2-days ago.

You regular readers know or should know, that one of Jeff Eats’ favorite South Florida food blogs is Burger–with that in mind, the other day- Burger Beast gave the Deerfield Beach-Tucker Duke’s a terrific write-up…the review was so good, you’d swear that Burger Beast was one of the owners or at- the least, a relative of one of the owners. When you get a chance, checkout that review.


Based on Burger Beast’s accolades, Jeff Eats did some “research” which included checking YELP and Trip Advisor-reviews for the Valpariso location …and give or take one or two reviews–people absolutely “loved” the joint. From what I understand, the Valpariso restaurant is a converted gas-station-which sounds pretty cool- to me.

After doing my “internet search” on the Company, Jeff Eats took a ride over- to the Deerfield Beach location and met owners John and Jay. After that “meeting” I also spoke by phone with–third owner, Brian who created the Tucker Duke’s concept.

As previously mentioned, Jeff Eats has not yet eaten in Tucker Duke’s. I will tell you, that during my meeting with John/Jay, I saw some absolutely great looking- burgers/sandwiches come out of the joint’s kitchen. If you are wondering, the Deerfield Beach joint is real casual–with a woody look– like you find in bbq joints. By the way, Tucker Duke’s is located in a very small strip center (between a Subway and Dunkin’Donuts)–and has both inside/handful of outside tables.

Let me wrap this up for you…based on Burger Beast’s review-alone…the joint is worth a try. Throw in those “other” reviews and Jeff Eats’ reconnaissance—and I think that Deerfield Beach may have just given birth to an amazing-burger/sandwich joint.

Check -Burger Beast—for review/loads of photos/menu prices/info.

12 Comments to “* Tucker Duke’s Lunchbox & Market (Deerfield Beach, Valpariso)”

  1. ken w says...


    Why didn’t you eat anything when you visited?

    • JeffEats says...

      ken w,

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      Good question.

      I didn’t eat -as about an hour earlier I had been to the dentist and my mouth/teeth were a drop on the sensitive side.

      Thanks for reading…

  2. ZED says...

    jeff, just read the beast loved it. the menu looks great. the pictures were amazing.

  3. TURNER says...

    I know exactly where the Deerfield store is. It use to be Lenny’s Subs.
    kind of a tough location but DD and Subway do get their fair share of business.

  4. Cayla says...

    Seriously the best burgers I’ve ever had!! Tops Charm City and BurgerFi!! It’s a must! Don’t forget to try their cheese fritters and nacho tots! Soo good! Won’t be a disappointment!

  5. gary says...

    Very good food, great service. Not a fan of their tucker sauce or their homemade ketchup, but burger with caramelized onions was delicious without anything else on it and the cheese fritters and tater tots are incredibly good.

  6. Mary says...

    Me and all my friends love eating at Deerfield Beach Tuckers Restaurant, especially now that Danny Martinez, New Sous Chef is in the Kitchen working his Magic that is really awesome good! He is really charming. Whatever he cooks is perfectly delicious!. Where ever he goes to cook we (me and my friends) will follow. People if you go to Tuckers please Welcome and Thank the Sous Chef Danny Martinez and make him feel loved and welcome there. A Great Asset for Tuckers! Congratulations to the owner for hiring him! Hey girls, Sous Chef Danny is very talented cooking and also very good looking!

  7. Larryfine2 says...

    The sun sentinel gave it 3 stars today.

  8. Steve O says...

    I thought the food was lousy.
    Everything is overhyped by size but the quality sucks.
    I’ve heard that their chopped meat comes from Walmart.
    The fat content of the meat is heart attack huge.
    Don’t be fooled by the size of the portions as the quality is bad news.

  9. Ed F says...

    The 3 partners are clowns.
    Brian who created the concept thinks he’s some kind of culinary guru.
    Imagine making a burger that you can’t change the way it comes.
    Or how about that they make their own a Ketchup which by the way tastes terrible. What’s a matter Heinz is no good?
    They serve huge sloppy burgers. The reason is that the fat content is mind blowing.
    The other 2 partners owned a sub shop. They aren’t the swiftest boats in the armada. They have no idea as to how to run a restaurant.
    This place is a joke.

  10. TURNER says...

    Over 60 days since you wrote this one up.
    How come you never went back to actually eat there?

  11. Sister Rose says...

    Jeff Eats:
    This restaurant will be out of business within 1 year. I say this because the food isn’t very good.It looks terrific all piled high but when you eat it, it’s really lousy.
    Time will tell but I am telling you this place is doomed.

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