* The Unexpected Boys

Posted on February 8th, 2014 · Music/Events/Other


* The Unexpected Boys.

Got something really good for you- Four Seasons, Beach Boys, Rock N’ Roll fans out there…The Unexpected Boys!

A few years ago, Jeff Eats caught- The Unexpected Boys in action…to say that the group is one of the best Four Seasons’ tribute acts in the world-would be an understatement. Absolutely amazing vocals and showmanship. The group’s non-stop 90 minute performance also features Beach Boys-other legendary Rock N’ Roll numbers and Broadway tunes thrown-in for good measure.

Yesterday, in reviewing various South Florida venues’ entertainment schedules- I noticed that The Unexpected Boys has a load of upcoming dates in the area.

February 28, 2014—————–Palm Isles, Boynton Beach.
March 1, 2014———————-Palm Chase Lakes, Boynton Beach.
March 2, 2014———————-Poinciana Mens Club, Lake Worth (7pm).
March 2, 2014———————-Valencia Lakes, Boynton Beach (9pm).
March 5, 2014———————-Kings Point, Delray Beach.
March 8, 2014———————-Century Village, West Palm Beach (7pm).
March 8, 2014———————-Cascades, Boynton Beach (8pm).
March 9, 2014———————-Cascades West, Port Saint Lucie.
March 11, 2014———————Century Village, Boca Raton.
March 13, 2014———————Glen Eagles Country Club, Delray Beach.
March 14, 2014———————Boca Woods Country Club, Boca Raton.
March 15, 2014———————Century Village, Hollywood.
March 16, 2014———————Tuscany Bay, Boynton Beach (7pm).
March 16, 2014———————Century Village, Deerfield Beach (8pm).
March 21, 2014———————Lakeridge Falls, Boynton Beach.
March 22, 2014———————Lakes of Delray, Delray Beach.
March 23, 2014———————Cascades Lakes, Boynton Beach.
March 28, 2014———————Emerald Point, Delray Beach.
March 29, 2014———————Riverbridge, Lake Worth.

The suggestion here is…if you are a resident/member of one of the above communities, that you make it your business to go and see- The Unexpected Boys (of course, that’s assuming that you like this type of music!). While on the subject of tickets, “some” of the listed venues (such as Kings Point) allow non-residents to buy tickets–so you non- residents/members may have a way to see certain performances.

Trust Jeff Eats on this one. The Unexpected Boys put on a fabulous show. No fooling around here, their harmonies are amazing.

Checkout for venues/tickets/videos/other info.

17 Comments to “* The Unexpected Boys”

  1. Linda54J says...

    Saw the show a year or so ago. It’s terrific.

  2. Jamie R says...

    Very entertaining group. Saw them on a recent cruise.

  3. FCD1942 says...

    jeff, ive seen this 4 seasons show and its very good. the problem now is that the 4 seasons and beach boys are now getting really boring. everyone and their mother in the listed condos has seen acts like this literally a million times. time for these fellow to come up with a new act. if i was representing the based on motown the broadway show i would be looking to do motown music for upcoming new venues.

  4. BGT1956 says...

    Saw this show about a year ago. They are really a spectacular act. Don’t miss them.

  5. Steve Garson. says...

    Jeff, have tkts to see them at Century Village in Deerfield.

  6. Nancy W. says...

    Saw them at kings point. They are terrific.

  7. ZOXO says...

    Love them .
    Very entertaining.

  8. Lisa W. says...

    A couple of years ago I saw Under The Lamp Post at Parker Playhouse. They were excellent but I liked The Unexpected Boys better. Just a judgment call, but I think that The Unexpected Boys were more personable and had better harmonies.

  9. Jeff,
    Caught the show last night at Tuscany Bay and it was a great evening of entertainment.
    Four terrific singers covering the 4 Seasons, Beach Boys and a whole lot of others non stop for 90 minutes. From what I could tell from the audience reaction during the show everyone had a wonderful time.

  10. Mike K. says...

    This was a very entertaining evening and these guys were really outstanding.

    They started with one of their group on stage as a sound man. The 3 others came on and started a conversation with him. He said he had girl issues. They asked her name –surprise, surprise – Sherry. That launched the song and then after additional dialogue they weaved in other songs like Oh, What a Night, Walk like a Man, etc. They were very energetic and had get voices. The first part of their 1 ½ hour performance was mainly Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and the second half was eclectic – some Beach Boys, several solo songs including Brian Noonan performing Music of the Night from Phantom, some acapella (Sloop John B), a little dance routine, etc.

    The group is very personable. They left the stage several times and sang to people in the audience. Judging from the ovations they received after virtually every song, they were a tremendous hit.

    Mike K.

  11. Ed Fredd says...

    Had an absolute blast at this show. I saw them at Century Village. Great performers.

  12. Gene Sands says...

    Great show.

  13. RK (Boca Raton) says...

    Caught the show at Kings Point. These guys put on a fabulous show. Very entertaining and personable. The audience loved them.

  14. Audrey says...

    From: Audrey
    Date: March 23, 2014 at 12:30:34 AM EDT
    Subject: The unexpected boys

    From: Audrey
    Subject: The unexpected boys

    Message Body:
    Hi Jeff,
    thanks for the forum on the group. I just saw them at Lakes of Delray where I am one of the younger generation of residents. It was such a pleasure to watch them perform.

    I was wondering, who were the singers of this recent group? Except for Scott Pearson, the others on their website did not look familiar.

    Thank You,

    This mail is sent via contact form on Jeff Eats

    • JeffEats says...


      Your email has been directed to The Unexpected Boys.

      Hopefully, we’ll hear back from them.

      Thanks for reading.

  15. Ralston says...

    Saw the group at Tuscany Bay they were terrific.

  16. Kleinman says...

    Saw them on 3/8/14 at Cascades. Great show.
    Saw them again on 1/9/16 at Cascades. Another great show.

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