* Across The Universe

Posted on January 21st, 2014 · Music/Events/Other


* Across The Universe.

Real fast…

February 7th 2014 marks the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles’ 1964- arrival at NYC’s JFK International Airport…the band’s American debut-February 9, 1964 on the Ed Sullivan Show.

February & March 2014…all types of concerts/shows/events/television programming are scheduled commemorating that Anniversary!

Check-out… Across The Universe-—definitely one of South Florida’s best Beatles’ tribute/cover bands. Jeff Eats has seen them at least a 1/2 dozen times and they are GOOD!

In checking the band’s schedule, it has a handful of February & March-South Florida dates booked—and a number of the gigs are free shows.

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  1. RRF (Miami) says...

    Jeff, I’ve seen this band a couple of times. They are very good.

  2. MSAS says...

    They are really good.
    Saw them at Slainte in Boynton Beach.

  3. Jeff, I have seen Across The Universe several times. They do a terrific job on The Beatles. They don’t play the look a like game, just play the songs as close to the records as possible.

  4. Eddie R. says...

    Jeff, they are playing the hard rock restaurant in Hollywood in feb. its a free show. i’m going to see them there.

  5. TURNER says...

    Love this band. Have seen them a number of times. About a year or so ago they changed a couple of players and the new group is really strong.

  6. Steve G. says...

    I have seen this group twice and they are excellent.
    One of the best Beatles’ cover bands in Florida.

  7. Norman Wein says...

    Caught their show at Meatball Room last night and they are terrific.

  8. Ted A says...

    Saw them yesterday at the zoo and they were terrific. The guy
    doing Lennon has a great Lennon sound.

  9. Zed says...

    Saw them today at Woodfield CC in Boca Raton. 2 straight hours of non stop Beatles music. They were terrific.

  10. Lou G says...

    I saw them last Sunday. They are terrific.

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