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Posted on January 7th, 2014 · Deals Music/Events/Other

* Swerve (

Recently tried some “baked goods” and “beverages” sweetened with Swerve a no-calorie sugar substitute.

Now…Jeff Eats ain’t no scientist, but I gotta tell you-I couldn’t tell the difference between the “dietetic” cakes/cookies and sweetened lemonade from the “ones” made with the real stuff.

Like me, you know all the names…


and I’m telling you, this Swerve didn’t laxative-me…or aftertaste-me.

To be honest with you, until 3-days ago, Jeff Eats had never heard of Swerve…but I’m thinking that if Whole Foods is carrying it-it maybe pretty legit.

If Swerve sounds interesting to you…check for details/online orders…there is also a $2 coupon there for the taking.

Just a final thought in your opinion, what percentage of South Floridians “help themselves” (take) to the Splenda, Equal and Sweet-n-Low packages that are on restaurants’ tables?

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  1. FGT says...

    I own a bagel store by Century Village in Deerfield. We don’t leave any sweeteners on the tables. If we did, we would go broke. Just looked at Swerve and we may try it in our sugar free desserts.

  2. Shelly H says...

    Jeff, try Truvia.

    The percentage depends on the distance from Kings Point or Century Village. The closer the location, the higher the percentage.

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