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Posted on January 4th, 2014 · American Boca Raton


***** Madisons New York Grill & Bar, 2066 Northwest Executive Center Circle, Boca Raton, Florida 33431, (561) 994-0808.

Last night, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats and a couple of friends gave “American-Style” Madisons New York Grill & Bar in Boca Raton a shot–and I gotta tell you, the joint literally blew our socks-off. No fooling around here…Madisons food and service were terrific!

Real quick, Madisons is a Canadian based restaurant chain that currently owns/operates 14 restaurants in Quebec, 1 in Boca Raton and has 1- under construction in Pompano Beach. If you think–Houston’s, J. Mark’s and J. Alexander’s you’ll be on the right décor page. The Boca Raton joint opened about 1-week ago, in a completely renovated building that at one time or another housed California Pizza Kitchen, Wolfie Cohen’s Rascal House, Copper Canyon Grill and Stephane’s Steak & Seafood. The restaurant has both indoor/outdoor patio seating and a separate full-bar area with something like 9 flat screen tvs.

As I mentioned 16 seconds ago, Madisons’ food and service were terrific…no ifs or buts, but the guys who own Madisons-know how to run a restaurant. Every dish that hit our table was exactly as ordered, glasses were continuously refreshed by Dave “The” Waiter-and during the evening we were “visited” by GM-Charles, Front Of The House Manager-Juan and Owner-Steve. Just so you know, Jeff Eats’ eagle eye caught- that every table in our section got the exact-same management treatment.

Let’s talk food…

Real simple menu–8 appetizers ($8-17), 6 meal salads ($15-$20), 5 sandwiches/burgers ($14-$18), 12 entrees ($16-$37), handful of salads/sides ($4-$8), handful of desserts ($5-$8).

Our table “had”–Three Cheese Garlic Bread, House Salad, Mykonos Style Greek Salad, Quinoa Caprese Salad, Cheeseburger With French Fries, Crab Cake Sandwich, Baby Back Ribs, Key Lime Pie, Brownie With Vanilla Ice Cream…everything was delicious. Just so you know, the garlic bread appetizer easily fed 4-people, the salads and desserts large enough for 2-people to share.

For you-guys who like more “review detail”…the French fries weren’t as delicious as everything else–but Owner-Steve told me, that fresh-handcut fries would soon be replacing the frozen product being used. I must tell you-that the garlic bread appetizer topped with melted Monterey Jack/cheddar/parmesan cheese was off-the-chart. To be perfectly honest, 2-orders of that garlic bread with a 2-liter bottle of ice-cold Coke and Jeff Eats could do some serious damage to himself…a definite must order.

Look! I could go on and on–as to how the ribs were basted with a delicious sweet bbq sauce, or how the crab cakes were loaded with crab (what else?) with virtually no filler, or how the cheeseburger which came on a lightly toasted bun-was topped with shredded lettuce/tomato slice/pickles spears and a mustard/ketchup/mayo dressing, but I won’t.

At this stage of the game, you may want to check for menu/prices.

The truly amazing thing about Madisons was that the service was impeccable…to be honest with you, Jeff Eats went into this thing-thinking a hiccup or two, afterall it was a brand new joint…but au contraire (hey! I told you that the chain is out of Quebec!)—the food and service couldn’t have been better.

Let me wrap this all up for you,

Madisons is going to be a huge winner. Mark these words–perfect for the business lunch crowd–perfect for the happy hour crowd–perfect for both Boca Raton’s young families and its 55+ crowd.

No question in Jeff Eats’ mind, Madisons can definitely hold its own against local “American Style” players–The Cheesecake Factory, Houston’s and J. Alexander’s.

A cursory “menu-look” found Madisons’ price-points $2-$5 lower than its “next door” neighbor Houston’s…..Hey! I already told you- The guys who own this joint know how to run a restaurant.

One final thought, a little bird told Jeff Eats that Madisons owns the Boca Raton property/building–so, to paraphrase poet Ernest Henley – Madisons is the master of its fate, captain of its soul (I know, I know a bit dramatic).

Madisons is open Monday-Sunday 11am-11pm.

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  1. CHARLES says...

    JEFF –
    We spotted and drove past Madison’s at around 5:50 yesterday – Friday- Naturally the parking lot was empty – Went to Cheesecake Factory to pickup outgoing order – The place was jam packed – Almost could not get in the door –
    Isn’t 5:30 late for early diners?
    Will try Madison’s next week –

  2. jb says...

    jeff, good seeing you at madisons last night. happy new year to you. have to agree that the food and service were exceptionally good. our party of three really enjoyed the fried calamari. definitely going to hurt houston’s.


  3. jrjsr62 says...

    My wife and I have eaten twice in Madisons and the food is amazing. The service is just right as are the prices. Once the word spreads on how good it is, getting in won’t be as easy as it currently is.

  4. Jeff Eats- I found your blogsite yesterday for the first time. I have wanted to create a similar site for us devoted foodies of South Florida restaurants by way of New York (yes I am from Brooklyn too), but you beat me to the punch and have a much more extensive list than I would have. You are dead on about Madison’s Grill which I ate at last night. Food was very good, service outstanding and the management even came by at the end to clean our table, knock over my almost finished martini, and offer a free dessert and coffee for my trouble. This was a complete surprise but we will be going back. Good call Jeff Eats. My hats off to you. I have a wealth of restaurant knowledge to share with you and your followers and I attend many food festivals down here as well, so let’s talk about some future collaborations. I am very interested in your blog model and would love to contribute to restaurant reviews etc.

  5. MM says...

    Been there 3 times for dinner. Have to tell you Houstons will lose a lot of business. Steaks, fish, burgers, grilled artichoke, mashed potatoes, and chicken soup was perfect. Prices are less than the neighbor. This place will be around a long time.

    Service 5 stars.
    Décor 5 stars.
    Food 5 stars.

  6. MKJ (Boca) says...

    terrific food and service.
    restaurant looks great.
    prices just right for the area.
    definitely as good as Houston’s if not better.
    really enjoyed dinner last night and will be back again.

  7. DG says...

    Not sufficiently good or imaginative to warrant a return visit soon.

    Felt the list of appetisers was too limited. Surprised not to see French Onion Soup or Gazpacho as additional options.

    We enjoyed the grilled artichoke and a house salad, though the artichoke could have been hotter right through it.

    Thought the beef/baguette dip with au jus was excellent, though agree that the fries need improving. Tried the pineapple cole slaw and thought this was outstanding.

    The big problem dish was the grilled salmon as this was poorly cooked being somewhat dried out yet under-cooked on the inside. And the accompanying baked potato was dreadful in having an insufficiently crispy skin and a stodginess to the potato inside – was it microwaved and not baked?

    The (also limited) dessert menu offered just 4 choices that were not sufficiently appealing.

    So, if they step-up their cooking skills and broaden the menu choices, then maybe they can succeed.

  8. Cvf says...

    Thought everything was terrific.
    Good addition to the neighborhood.

  9. YA-Montreal says...

    Know Madisons from back home.
    Terrific food.

  10. joan stiffel says...

    would like to see a menu

  11. JGA says...

    Ate there last night.
    The food is as good if not better than Houston’s.

  12. dannyboy says...

    great pick.
    better and cheaper than Houston’s.

  13. Loved the food and service.

  14. Ate there yesterday. Food is excellent as is the service.
    Try this one. You wont be disappointed.

  15. Carl J says...

    Finally a great restaurant in that spot.

  16. Strangejoe says...

    The food is excellent.
    For all that may ask, better than next door neighbor Houston’s.

    • Slippy says...

      Agree with you 100%.

  17. Larry G says...

    Had a cheeseburger and baked potato and the food was excellent. As a big Houston’s fan I have to tell you that Madisons’ burger and potato was as good if not better than its next door neighbor Houston’s is and that says a lot.
    Definitely will be going back.

  18. Michael says...

    Ate there last night and really enjoyed it. Food and service were quite good. Grilled Vegetable and Fried Calamari apps were excellent. Garlic bread app was not worth the money – 3 small pieces for $8. Entrees were all tasty. Brownie with ice cream was excellent!! I think this place might finally make that location work. Will definitely go back.

  19. stephanie says...

    The grilled artichoke might be up there with the best 5 things I’ve ever eaten… ever. Perfectly cooked and just delicious. And I’m a Chef.

  20. PBB says...

    Fabulous restaurant.
    The other night I hade a piece of roast beef with a baked potato that was outrageously delicious. My wife had the bbq ribs and loved them. That 3 cheese bread appetizer was a great recommendation. The service is excellent and the restaurant is great looking. Finally a great restaurant is in that Glades Road spot.

  21. Frank G says...

    Food and service were excellent.
    Fabulous prime rib.

  22. KMH says...

    bunch of us ate lunch there and everyone enjoyed their food. nice looking restaurant and service was just right. prices were okay but not exactly cheap. will be back.

  23. TGA says...

    Fabulous roast beef and baked potato.

  24. Very good food and service.
    Should easily compete with its slightly lower priced menu with Houston’s which is right nearby.

  25. Jeff
    Your recommendation got me there.
    Enjoyed the food and service.
    Good call here.

  26. gleason says...

    didn’t think too much of this pick,
    food was ok but not great.

  27. donny g. says...

    Hey jeff, the sun sentinel gave them 2 stars a few weeks ago, not too good of a writeup.

  28. MK (Boca Raton) says...

    Just got back from lunch there. Three of us at there for $40. They have a number of items for $10. Good food and good service. Price was definitely right.

  29. ned565 says...

    love the food.
    service is terrific.

  30. HWW. 42 says...

    Try this one.
    It is really good.
    Bbq ribs are delicious.

  31. Sweeter says...

    Food and service are A Ok.
    Really like their burgers.

  32. DEDDER says...

    Very poorly managed business. At the bar a certain drink was $14 but at the table it was $12. Won’t be coming back real soon. By the way the manager or whoever he was clueless on this discrepancy and did nothing to make it right.

  33. Love the food and service.
    Great looking restaurant.
    They have a number of $10 specials that are a huge deal.
    Try Madisons you will really enjoy it.

  34. BOBBY G says...

    The owners really don’t know the Boca Raton market. Last week they did a pr event with BIRDMAN of the HEAT there for signing etc. It was free and drew a load of people. Unfortunately for Madisons they were the wrong people. I’ll bet you not even one of those people spent one dime on food or drink. They got their autographs and left. Guaranteed they won’t be back because it was just a bunch of kids and teenagers with parents. Not the crowd that Madisons should be going after. Very poorly conceived pr event. I was there at the bar watching this event unfold and it was so obvious that it was the wrong crowd that it wasn’t even funny.

  35. Norm W says...

    Wife and I ate there.
    Terrific burger and chicken breast for ten bucks each. Delicious baked potato and ff.
    Loved the food and service.
    Very handsome decor.

  36. HF says...

    They make delicious bbq ribs.

  37. Food is excellent as is the service.

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