* Hotel Minibar!

Posted on January 3rd, 2014 · Hotels/Motels/Resorts


* Hotel Minibar!

Recently caught the “below” article on

This hotel minibar story got Jeff Eats thinking about…how dirty hotel/motel rooms must really be. Now I know that you guys got real good imaginations—carpet, bedspread, headboard, tv remote…kinda endless, don’t-you think?

Now if we take this cleanliness theme just a drop further, after-all Jeff Eats is basically a food-blog…maybe you-all (you do know that Florida is a southern state!) should start investing in drinking straw companies.

Just something to think about!
“According to a recent survey by, the hotel minibar was ranked the least important amenity for travelers in the U.S.

Only 21 percent of travelers ranked the minibar as an important amenity. What matters most to people? Free in-room wifi. Free Internet was ranked most important by 89 percent of people who were surveyed.

As KTLA hosts point out, the minibar can often be more trouble than it’s worth. ‘With four kids, what’s the first thing I say when we walk in? ‘See that? Don’t touch it! Everything costs money,’ one reported laughed.

Though the minibars seem wildly overpriced, the hotels aren’t making much off of them.

‘There is little financial reason to keep minibars,’ Hugo Martin of the LA Times writes. ‘Hotel consulting firms estimate that minibars generate no more than 0.24% of total hotel revenue, with much of that eaten up by the cost to check and restock the bars.’
Similarly, hotel staffers are tired of fighting with guests about whether or not they took anything from the bar.

Will you miss the minibar if it vanishes? Tell us in the comments below.”

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  1. jrjhs62 says...

    hotel rooms are one of the filthiest places in the world. to be honest with you it really doesn’t matter whether its upscale or whatever the rooms are bad news. just think about the bedspreads and blankets. unlike the sheets and pillowcases they don’t get cleaned too often.
    minibars. can’t recall the last time I even thought about them.

  2. DG says...

    We find that most of the time the only worthwhile use of a hotel minibar is for cool storage of the soft drinks and snacks we buy elsewhere.

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