* The Pop Culture Vault (Delray Beach)

Posted on December 31st, 2013 · Delray Beach Music/Events/Other


* The Pop Culture Vault, 9169 Atlantic Avenue (Delray Marketplace), Delray Beach, Florida 33446, (561) 498-1762.

Well!- The Delray Marketplace (see review-2/26/13) pulled it off again, somehow it talked another “retailer” into taking a shot—this time it’s The Pop Culture Vault.

Personally, Jeff Eats loves walking around The Pop Culture Vaults of the world looking at all of the fabulously framed Rock n’ Roll memorabilia, fabulously framed Rock n’ Roll photographs and fabulously framed pop culture artwork that cover and fill these joints’ walls and easels. Do you know what chazerai (non Yiddish speakers-Google it) is?–well, most of the stuff for sale (but not all of it–fair is fair!) is usually chazerai that’s fabulously framed.

Now nothing for nothing, but Jeff Eats appreciates why a joint like The Pop Culture Vault might take a shot on a center like the Delray Marketplace…loads of new homes being built in the area-therefore lots of future bare walls to cover. Only problem I see with that type of thinking is that most of those “new” homes are going to be bought by the 55+ crowd and-Jeff Eats just doesn’t see them going for this type of stuff. Could be wrong, but don’t think so! Come to think of it, I seriously doubt that some 37 year old couple with 3 kids- ages 2-4-5 is really going to give a rat’s ass either-about some fabulously framed black & white Beatles’ photos circa 1964 (taken some 13 years before the couple was even born). But, I could be wrong–after all Graceland has been printing money for years as Lisa Marie can well attest to (Do you remember when she “married” Michael Jackson? But that’s a story for another day).

To the owners of The Pop Culture Vault…visited your new store and it looks great. I also loved your old store, that use to be on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach across from Tramonti. Really do hope you got a sweetheart rent deal because you moved from the fire into the FIRE! By the way, what do you think a signed black & white photo of Paul, John, George, Pete and Stu would fetch?

In all seriousness, Jeff Eats wishes the folks at The Pop Culture Vault the best of luck–but like the Olive Oil guy/the Photo guy/and numerous others…can’t figure for the life of me, how retail can make it at the Delray Marketplace.

Checkout for store hours/products.

7 Comments to “* The Pop Culture Vault (Delray Beach)”

  1. Jay K says...

    I have some great signed things like a signed photo by all 4 Beatles. And yes you are right that most of the items sold in stores is chazerai in great frames.

  2. NatC says...

    hey jeff, happy new year to you!
    unless this joint is washing money they got no chance whatsoever of making it in that center.just a bunch of old ladies walking around killing time.

  3. ZED says...

    I know this store from their previous location. they do have some really cool looking items.

  4. Ronnie P says...

    Jeff, I love walking around in stores like this. The mdse is usually very interesting. You are right about the fancy framing. In my home I have several pop art paintings. One is of Marilyn, one is of Elvis and one is of The Beatles. They are all in my tv room. I will tell you that my Elvis was in a gallery priced at $1200 but I bought an exact same piece at a consignment shop for $175. My Marilyn ran me $275 and the Beatles piece was $160. With this type of mdes it is just a question of what the artist wants and how badly he needs to make a sale. All of the pieces are oil paint and are quite large. I am not into autographs as there is always a question of legit or not. This type of mdse is fun and looks great on the walls. The trick is to buy it right.

  5. Cyrus says...

    Right after SEASON they are gone.

    • Orlando says...

      I agree.
      No chance whatsoever .

  6. ksr says...

    OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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