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Jeff Eats is no expert on social-media stuff…but what I do know is that TWITTER which is currently trading at- NYSE: TWTR: $74.25 is a bubble stock.

Twitter went public on November 7, 2013 at $25 a share.

Right now, the “MARKET” is giving Twitter the same market capitalization (roughly-$42 billion) as companies like Target, FedEx who both gross and net a fortune of money. Twitter on the other hand-has to date, never netted-one single red cent.

Buying Twitter at $74.25 is an absolute sucker’s bet.

It doesn’t take some 64 year-old “food blogger” who is basically computer illiterate to know that—Twitter’s stock is a bubble just waiting to be popped.

Let’s see!

7 Comments to “* TWITTER IS A BUBBLE STOCK!”

  1. Carl C. says...

    This morning Bloomberg and CNBC have been talking about the over-valuation. Right now Twitter is trading at $67.70. Have to agree with you, even with its social media credentials the current market value is absurd. probably worth probably closer to $30.

  2. Klein says...

    jeff, twtr, fb, yelp, lnkd, are all bubble stocks. tsla is a huge bubble waiting to bust. people who are getting into these stock now are going to get killed when the bubble breaks and it will. its not a question of if but when.

  3. Sid L. Turner says...

    Hey Jeff, how low do you think twtr goes? Right now I’m getting a quote of $66.94.

    • Klein says...

      im seeing $65.17 right now.
      twtr will gyrate all over, but it’s so overpriced that it makes absolutely no sense.

  4. AndyG says...

    I just took a look at TWTR and it’s at $58.60. That’s some fall from the $74.25 you mentioned a few days ago. I agree they have no physical assets and vastly overpriced.

  5. Jessejames says...

    Right now twitter is selling for 30.14.
    Good call.

  6. I heard a rumor that Google wants to acquire Twitter.

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