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Waffy’s (Fort Lauderdale)


***** Waffy’s, 2370 East Sunrise Boulevard (Galleria Mall), Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304, (561) 251-5921.

Here’s a story for you guys…

About 2-months ago Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats decided to do some home renovations…a real good friend- Dave recommended a GC named Joe Tinneny. When we first met Joe- we could tell right away that he was a guy that knew his business and would do a great job at a very fair/reasonable price. Right up front, Joe told us that-he would take our job but that at the same time- would also be handling some work for Dave as well as Waffy’s, a brand new fast food chain that had an outlet in the Galleria Mall and a corporate office/distribution center in Pompano Beach. To make a long story short, Joe did a terrific job for us–finishing this afternoon. Rather than dragging this Joe story out… during the past 2-months, he and his crew kept telling me about how great Waffy’s- Belgian waffles/paninis were–blah, blah, blah! Between you, me and the bedpost, Jeff Eats was more interested in getting our roof/driveway/pool deck fixed-up that hearing about Waffy’s food, corking, drywall, plastering and flooring projects.


Last Saturday night, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats attended the 7th Annual Sweet Dreams event at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek. Great time, with all types of vendors serving-up some of the most delicious desserts imaginable…and low and behold, one of the vendors was Waffy’s…talk about coincidence! After telling the two folks behind the display table that we shared a “common” contractor blah, blah, blah—Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats sampled waffles covered with Nutella/fresh strawberries/whipped cream, waffles topped with melted caramel, waffles filled with Belgian chocolate/ topped with whipped cream…and I gotta tell you, these desserts were off-the chart. Absolutely amazing-delicious and definitely some of Sweet Dreams’ best offerings.

Joe’s raves and Sweet Dreams got Jeff Eats thinking…and this afternoon I took a ride down to the Galleria to check Waffy’s out. Huge kiosk setup, with all kinds of waffles/toppings/waffle paninis/soft serve ice cream. Now we are talking Monday afternoon, around 1pm -and during the half- hour that I watched- there was a constant line waiting to order stuff. True-true…it’s Christmas time, but I’m telling you, that this Waffy’s-thing was much busier than most of the mall’s food court outlets. By the way, Waffy’s isn’t in the food court, but is right in front of the Macy’s in the Galleria.

Check Waffy’s website for menu/prices/photos. From what I can tell, the Galleria joint is Waffy’s only- retail location. The website has a load of franchise information and a list of planned Waffy’s outlets. The site also indicates that Waffy’s does private off-premises catering.

Look! Waffy’s is a relatively new company- it’s been in business since 2010. Does this “waffle” concept have legs? Your guess is as good as mine. What I do know, is that the stuff I ate was awesome and if Joe does the GC work- Waffy’s outlets will look great.

Waffy’s is open Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm, Sunday noon-6pm.

4 Comments to “Waffy’s (Fort Lauderdale)”

  1. David L. says...

    Waffy’s was in the food court at Boca Town Center for a while before they did the renovation.

    I used to eat there all the time, and really enjoyed it…

    I don’t know if they left because they were forced out by the $15 burger and fries guy, or if they just couldn’t please the crowd there, but I kind of miss Waffy’s.

    • Nick D. says...

      I also use to enjoy Waffy’s in Boca Town Center. I think that Waffy’s and others were forced out when the mall remodeled the food court. Waffy’s waffles were delicious. I think that the waffle concept could really spread. Waffy’s also has waffles that you can walk around eating in the mall. Sort of like Auntie Anne’s pretzels, finger food. In Europe waffles are very popular in malls and street vendors.

  2. Lou R1953 says...

    Jeff, never heard of waffy’s until I read your blog. will check it out the next time i’m in the galleria. by the way, could you pass along the phone number for joe the gc as I could use a competent honest guy to do some work on my home?

  3. Helen Lennon says...

    You got to try Waffy’s turkey panini with pesto sauce. Amazing.

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