* Kings Point Theater–Voices Of Legends (Delray Beach)

Posted on December 12th, 2013 · Delray Beach Music/Events/Other
    * Kings Point Theater– “Voices Of Legends.”

    Got something for “some” of you guys…

    On Saturday Night, January 18, 2014-at 8pm…”Voices Of Legends” is in concert at the Kings Point Theater in Delray Beach.

    The show’s headline act…

    The Dubs who in the 50s-60s charted with the hits “Could This Be Magic”–“Chapel Of Dreams”–“Don’t Ask Me To Be Lonely.”

    The show also features former Mystic- Johnny T…one of America’s top-50s/60s Rock N Roll tribute artists—who covers such greats as Dion, Paul Anka, Bobby Darin…you can check for videos/schedule.

    Now, for the real kicker here…

    Also on the bill, Michael D’Amore—one of Jeff Eats’ all-time favorite “Adult Contemporary” artists. Right about now, you may (or may not) be saying…”Who the hell is Michael D’Amore, I never heard of the guy?” To which Jeff Eats replies…”Go to and click on the videos and you’ll see–actually hear why I absolutely love this guy. Nothing for nothing, New Jersey based D’Amore rarely-if-ever plays South Florida, so you gotta know that Jeff Eats will definitely be at this show.

    The particulars on venue/tickets:

    Kings Point Theater Voices Of Legends
    Concert Series 8pm Show
    7000 W Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL
    For tickets call (561) 499-3335 Ext 225
    Residents: $15, Non-Residents: $18.

4 Comments to “* Kings Point Theater–Voices Of Legends (Delray Beach)”

  1. fdr says...

    jeff, listened to damore, he definitely has a gift.

  2. CSD says...

    Looks like a terrific show and for 18 bucks you can’t go wrong. By the way D’Amore is fabulous.

  3. Kean says...

    Michael D’Amore has a great voice. Also just watched when he plays with Yester of The Association and that band is incredible. Do you expect more Florida appearances as the January date doesn’t work for me?

  4. W.N.M. says...

    We live at KP. We have some great shows in the schedule. Last week we had this Johnny T., plus the The Flamingos plus Bobby Brooks Wilson and it was a great show. All of the performers did a great job. For $15 it’s a great night out.

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