* Restaurant Impossible

Posted on November 23rd, 2013 · Music/Events/Other

* Restaurant Impossible

Have you guys every seen this tv-show Restaurant Impossible which is on the Food Network
( Real believable show…this guy shows up each week at some rundown/almost bust restaurant and has 48 hours and $10,000 to spend on construction/decor with the goal of turning the restaurant around. At the end of the show-(48 hours after he gets there) there is a Grand Re-Opening..

Now nothing for nothing, not once have I ever seen this guy or his crew get a “permit” from a City, Town, or State…between you and me, I’ve dealt with all kinds of contractors and there is absolutely positively no way that what this guy claims to do–could actually be done in real life. Anyway…according to the Food Network this show has a huge viewership.

Now unless Jeff Eats has missed something here- like the show is actually on the Sci Fi Network…I think that the show’s producer should have a disclaimer across the screen that this is a tv show and is make believe? What do you think?

While Jeff Eats is on the subject of disclaimers, I kinda think that when President Obama talks about Obama Care the same sort of disclaimer should be aired. Yesterday, to make a long story short–I got a notice from my health care insurance company that advised that the $625 monthly policy President Obama said I could keep-if I wanted to, will be discontinued on December 31, 2015 and that an enhanced policy would be substituted at the cost of $1,255.67 per month.

Restaurant Impossible is I think fiction–unfortunately this Obama Care is for real.

To wrap things up here, every so often one of these “reality tv” shows is actually real…for example, the Food Network also has a show called Carnival Food, Cooking Live—with the premise where three judges go to carnivals and four contestants cook-up their best selling fried foods and the judges pick the best of the litter. Now–this show has definitely got to be real…because each and every time Jeff Eats has watched an episode, my face has broken out during the show–requiring the use of Clearasil to get things back to normal.

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  1. Sid L. Turner says...

    i got one for you…

    A guy goes into a bar which has a robot bartender. The guy orders a whiskey and the robot asks him what his IQ is. The guy says 168 and the robot starts to discuss chemistry and Dante with the man.
    The next day the guy orders a whiskey but tells the robot that his IQ is 115 and the robot starts to discuss wrestling and nascar racing.
    The next day the guy order a whiskey but tells the robot his IQ is 100 and the robot says…”Are you still happy that you voted for Obama?”

  2. robertw says...

    Sid LOL…Nice

  3. larry says...

    Jeff, did you see this in Burger Beast article, Your last column is why guys like him and me think you are amazing good.

    Archive for Jeff Eats
    You Really Should Read The Jeff Eats Food Blog
    By Burger Beast · Comments 0 Comments
    Monday, September 30th, 2013

    Jeff Eats Banner

    Ever heard of Jeff Eats? The Jeff Eats Blog is quite possibly the most prolific food blog in South Florida. I’ve been a fan for years before the Burger Beast blog existed. It’s something I think you should be reading if you read my blog. I think you will enjoy it as much as I have.

  4. MK says...

    jeff one of your best columns.

  5. mark says...

    Jeff take a look at this site good info on ACA

    Here you can get an idea if you get any tax breaks

  6. Bill from Delray says...

    They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. I think you can say the same about the Health Care Initiative. The idea that affordable health coverage be extended to the entire population is noble. However leave it to big government to screw it up. Had Congress just gone to Google and said “this is what we want and need, now show us how to do it efficiently”, it would be a done deal already.
    As for Restaurant Impossible, Extreme Makeover, Home Edition, et al, there are production teams that get into the mix way before the show starts filming to arrange all the appropriate permits and approvals. Do you think for a moment that any local government building department or health department would allow the opening of a restaurant, whether new or rebuilt, without the proper inspections and permits? I think not.

  7. ken w says...

    If you want to keep Restaurant Impossible , you can keep Restaurant Impossible .

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