A&G Burger Joint (Miami)

Posted on November 18th, 2013 · American Miami


***** A&G Burger Joint, 646 Southwest 109th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33174, (305) 223-0100.

Let Jeff Eats start by saying…I absolutely loved A&G Burger Joint in Miami/Sweetwater…

Just so we are straight, although A&G has wings, hot dogs and a couple of sandwiches—the game here is angus beef burgers, french fries and a real nice list of beers.

I’m gonna make this one real simple for you guys…A&G is right up there with South Florida’s best burger joints. A recent outing had Jeff Eats “doing”–cheeseburger/french fries/sweet potato fries/onion rings and I’m telling you that the char-grilled burger was amazingly delicious-same for the sides.

You are all big boys and girls here, so I’m gonna let you check all by yourselves where you will find menu/prices/photos (surprise, surprise, surprise!)…for you lazy rascals (you do know that this is a family friendly website!) A&G has all types of toppings, combos, buns for its burgers and for you non-beef eaters a turkey burger, so you-too will also have what to eat.

Just to make sure you know…A&G isn’t a fast-food/order/pickup at the counter joint…its got a waitstaff and bartender on the payroll.

A&G is a dynamite burger joint.

One final piece of business–FIU students, police officers and firefighters get 15% off the bill…so you Cornell students, lawyers, medical doctors, school teachers, plumbers and veterans-are plum out of luck. Se la vie!

A&G Burger Joint is open Tuesday-Thursday noon-10pm, Friday-Saturday noon-midnight, Sunday noon-8pm, closed on Monday.

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  1. Don S says...

    Didn’t know you were fluent in french.

    • DG says...

      A true Frenchman might have said “C’est la vie”

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