* Seminole Coconut Creek Casino (Coconut Creek)

Posted on November 15th, 2013 · Coconut Creek Music/Events/Other


* Seminole Coconut Creek Casino.

This “post” is addressed to whoever (or is it whomever) is running the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino…get your freaking act together.

Two weeks ago, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats sat in NYY Steak’s lounge (in your facility)–planning to watch 80s band Red Skies perform. Now nothing for nothing, Jeff Eats has been in more bars, clubs, restaurants, casinos, lounges than he cares to remember and this was the first time-ever, that the second hand smoke was so brutal that Jeff Eats was forced to leave the venue because my freaking lungs felt like they were on fire. I might add, that the burning sensation became unbearable during the group’s second song, that’s right second song!

Trust me, Jeff Eats saw your “no smoking” signs in various areas—but I’m telling you, something ain’t right—the smoke is all over the joint.

Get someone in there to FIX your ventilation system—because if you got one, it’s broke!

8 Comments to “* Seminole Coconut Creek Casino (Coconut Creek)”

  1. JNH says...

    i wouldnt set foot in this casino. the whole place stinks from smoke. i go to the isle casino which is a non smoking casino.

  2. NNU29 says...

    how anyone can gamble or eat there is a mystery to me. the place reeks from smoke and that includes the non smoking areas. the restaurants smell from smoke.

  3. ReddyGreen says...

    It is an absolutely disgusting casino.
    The smoke is everywhere.

  4. Belairshopper says...

    Could not agree more…better choices out there.

  5. TeddyS says...

    Beautiful facility but the smoke ruins it for me. The place stinks from smoke.

  6. Sha says...

    Think they need to realize the part that people DON’T like about Vegas (or any) casinos is THE SMOKE. Times are changing and smokers are slowly being outnumbered by non-smokers!

  7. robertw says...

    Saw the comments from Sha and others. Creek casino has always had a pretty strong smell of smoke. Hard Rock in Davie is somewhat better. I cant take the smell myself. Non Smokers are way outnumbered in the US. However in casinos that allow if, one of the few indoor places that does attract lots of smokers. Much more than you would normally see. I go o vegas a lot. Smoke can be an issue however some casinos are so large with ventilation systems that somewhat minimize it. If a person lights up next to you there, you can go to another machine or table.

  8. NH76 says...

    The smoke is absolutely brutal in this casino. It is all over the place.
    I stopped going there because of it.
    Every so often I go to their shows at the Pavillion because it doesn’t draw smoke. I see the show and leave immediately.

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