* Elvis-Motown Christmas-Hanukkah Holiday Spectacular

Posted on November 12th, 2013 · Boca Raton Music/Events/Other


* Elvis-Motown Christmas-Hanukkah Holiday Spectacular.

Real simple…

On Saturday Night, December 21st at Olympic Heights Community High School, 20101 Lyons Road in Boca Raton–Joey Dale Productions is presenting a “Holiday Spectacular” show starring two of South Florida’s top tribute acts–David Morin as “Elvis” and Motown In Motion recreating the sounds/moves of such Motown legends as The Temptations, Four Tops and Smokey Robinson & The Miracles. Also on the bill. local dance group–Destination Dance and the Olympic Heights Choir.

This show is General Admission…with doors opening at 7pm, show-time at 8pm. Tickets are 25 bucks, and you can purchase them at or by calling (954) 254-0711. Tickets will also be on sale the day of the show starting at 1pm at Olympic Heights Community High School.

Now…let’s see what we got here—Jeff Eats has seen David Morin three times, twice at the Mardi Gras Casino in Hallandale Beach and once at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood–the man puts on a real nice-entertaining-convincing show–backed by a 4-5 piece band. Don’t be concerned-Morin comes decked out in the expected tinted glasses, white sequined jumpsuit, sweaty scarves-and all! Jeff Eats has also seen Motown In Motion and these guys will actually have you believing that David Ruffin, Smokey Robinson, Levi Stubbs et al are in the house. These two “tribute” acts alone- are worth the price of admission. Now for the kicker, adding to the holiday-theme you also -got Destination Dance and the Olympic Heights Choir— Jeff Eats isn’t familiar with these acts—but I guarantee you, that many of the theatre’s seats will be filled with these performers’ parents, siblings, relatives and friends (talk about a great way of packing the house).

Here’s some homework for you guys, go to and—watch the videos, betcha a buck you’re going to want to see this show!

As for the theatre itself, years ago-Jeff Eats attended a General Admission comedy/magic show there—if memory serves me correctly (but I wouldn’t swear to it), there’s about 850 seats and every-one of them is just fine. That said, guaranteed the “fans” of the dance and choir groups are gonna be there at 7pm sharp…so you are on notice.

Nothing for nothing–but, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats will be in attendance–as guests of Dave Morin and Motown In Motion—so assuming you aren’t a deranged reader, please feel free to stop and say hello and ask Jeff Eats to sing his stunning version of “Blue Christmas.”

All in all…Elvis-Motown Christmas Hanukkah Holiday Spectacular should be a really fun night!

11 Comments to “* Elvis-Motown Christmas-Hanukkah Holiday Spectacular”

  1. Scott M. says...

    Hey Jeff,
    Scott here. I just read your post ably the holiday show at Olympic Heights high
    school. Is Dave Moran, a good elvis impersonator. How do you know him? Sounds
    like a great show
    Scott- I love Elvis

    • Hank L says...

      I’ve seen Morin. He is entertaining but not in the league of the best Elvis guys out there. Like Jeff I saw him at the Hard Rock.
      The Motown act looks to be a real winner. I’ve seen the lead singer several times when he was in a group fronted by Nate Evans who has one of the better Temp tribute groups. The group coming to Olympic Heights sounds and looks great on the videos on You Tube and on the ticket site.

    • Gman says...

      morin is very good.
      I saw him in Aventura and he put on a strong show.

  2. BN329 says...

    Just watched video at and that Motown group is terrific.

  3. Hank L says... and
    Great videos.

  4. JNH1956 says...

    Checked out the videos.
    If I’m not mistaken one of the Motown In Motion singers is Michael who is also wth Joey Dale & The Gigolos. Mike has a great voice and from the videos has some great dance moves.

  5. KATZ says...

    Watched a You Tube video on Motown In Motion and they are excellent.

  6. MG says...

    Just saw the show.
    Motown and Morin were great.

  7. SteveK says...

    The show was terrific.
    The Motown in Motion did great covers of Temp hits. Some really nice dance steps as well.
    Morin also did a great job on the Elvis stuff. He has a great voice and doesn’t overplay the Elvis moves.

  8. MAZ says...

    Loved the show.
    To the school you got a mildew smell in that theatre. Better check it out.

  9. Scott says...

    Hey Jeff,
    This is Scott. I just wanted to let you know that I came across an Elvis Presley
    impersonator. His name is David Morin, he also sings songs from the 50’s – 80’s,
    just something you can pass along to your Jeff Eats readers, like myself.
    Anyway, he will be at the seminole hard rock hotel and casino this Saturday from
    7-11 pm. Also there are videos on you tube that can be checked out, just type in
    David Morin Elvis


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