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* Next In The Fad Department—Biscuits!

Posted on November 7th, 2013 · Fast Food Music/Events/Other


* Next In the Fad Department—Biscuits!

Jeff Eats knows and I hope you guys know, that–self serve yogurt stores–cupcake stores–grilled cheese stores–most “upscale” fast food hambuger stores are F A D businesses which have very short shelf lives. Don’t believe me, write me a note, let’s say in 6 months and see if old Jeff Eats was right or wrong on these babies. Now for sure, some will suvive, but my money says that there are going to be a whole lot of unhappy franchisees out there and a whole lot of vacant strip center bays.


In recent days, Jeff Eats has read several articles and e-mails about BISCUITS. The “game” here…hot- freshed baked biscuits either stuffed/or topped with all kinds of fillings. The word going around, is that biscuit stores/franchises are being built/offered based on this concept.

Not sure if it was P.T. Barnum or W. C. Fields or my Uncle Abe who coined the phrase…”A sucker is born every minute.”—What I do know, is that ANYONE who buys into this concept and puts their hard earned money at risk—is a SUCKER!!

As Detective Tony Baretta use to say…”And that’s the name of that tune.”

2 Comments to “* Next In The Fad Department—Biscuits!”

  1. Ronnie Goldberg says...

    In yesterday’s New York Post there was a story about one of these biscuit stores which had just opened in the Village and the crowds were around the block to get in. It sounded like an over reaction to me so you and I are on the same page here. This business concept has no legs whatsoever.

  2. ZED says...

    Maybe a loc in the village, but I can’t see this idea spreading nationwide.

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