* Name That Restaurant

Posted on November 6th, 2013 · Music/Events/Other

* Name That Restaurant

Jeff Eats was just thinking–most people seemingly have absolutely no imagination.

Just because your name is Joe or Vito…doesn’t mean that you have to name your new pizza restaurant Joe’s Pizza or Vito’s Pizzeria.

Now be honest–which new pizza restaurant would you be more likely to try…Vito’s Pizzeria or Johnny Chang’s Pizzera?

With the above in mind, what creative names can you guys come-up?

13 Comments to “* Name That Restaurant”

  1. Sid L. Turner says...

    Bicycle Diner
    Cheapskate Diner
    Your Diner
    Good Diner
    OK Diner
    Best Diner

  2. JoeJohnson says...

    Boychick’s Pizzeria.
    Carmine’s Rib Joint
    Goldstein’s Sushi
    Bobby Washington’s Pizzeria

  3. Dudeman says...

    Lousy Donuts
    Grandma’s Sports Bar
    Herman’s BBQ

  4. ukiss says...

    Donut Heaven
    Freddy’s Pizza
    Great Diner
    My Diner
    Rosie’s Pizza

  5. zippyman says...

    Wendy’s Hamburgers
    Burger King
    Pizza Hut
    Pappa John’s

  6. Ron Gold says...

    Goldmine Pizza
    Adam’s Ribs

  7. Courtney Youngman says...

    Foo’s NY Deli

  8. Ronnie Goldberg says...

    Alfie’s Juice Bar
    Best Pizzeria
    Pie Man
    Chuck’s Bagels

  9. FAR says...

    In NYC there is a real cool barbershop named a The Blind Barber.

  10. Joey Lee says...

    General Tso’s NY Deli.

  11. Blue and White says...

    Lick My Pizza
    Love Your Pie
    Pie In The Sky
    Lucy In The Sky With Pizza

  12. LennyK says...

    To Go Pizza
    Pies For All
    Friday Night Chinese

  13. Jason says...

    Cheeses Crust [Pizza]
    General Sow’s BBQ [BBQ]
    Here Today, Saigon Tomorrow [Vietnamese]
    Wonton-Ammo Bay [Chinese-Cuban fusion]
    Hasta La Pasta [Latin-Italian fusion]
    Gotta Geaux [Cajun take-out]
    We Could Be Gyros [Greek]

    C’mon, this is not that hard.

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