* Jeff Eats On The Radio–November 6, 2013–WSBR Radio (740am) & WWNN (1470am)–5pm

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*Jeff Eats On The Radio

Gonna be “on” with stock guru Peter Bruno…

“Good Morning Jeff,
Our web site is and clicking on the radio link on the right side of this page will bring you to a splash page where on the top of the page, one could listen live to the audio streaming on their computer or go to the page to listen live or hear replays of previous programs . Clicking on this direct link will bring you to that page.
The “Managing Your Money” radio program is heard M-F at 5:00 PM on WSBR Radio – 740 on your AM dial.and each program is repeated on that same station in the evening at 9:00 PM. Listeners from North Miami and out West towards Weston and Sawgrass Mills can listen in their cars at 5:00 PM on WWNN Radio, 1470 on the AM dial or on our archive web site at the following day.
Hope this information helps. Call my cell with any questions.”

9 Comments to “* Jeff Eats On The Radio–November 6, 2013–WSBR Radio (740am) & WWNN (1470am)–5pm”

  1. ZED says...

    So now you are media star?
    Will be listening!!!!!

  2. robertw says...

    Long overdue. We need a Jeff Eats podcast!

  3. JoeJohnson says...

    whatcha going to talk about?

  4. MK says...

    Just heard the broadcast.

  5. Sid L. Turner says...

    You sounded great.
    You are a brilliant writer and I love your columns.
    The radio appearance was a huge bonus for me.
    Thank you

  6. TedA says...

    Caught the 9pm replay.
    Very strong performance.

  7. Ronnie Goldberg says...

    heard the replay on 740 last night.
    nice show.
    you should be a regular on it.

  8. Al Rosen says...

    Good show.
    Have to agree that Zinger’s is a top notch deli.
    Really appreciated your thoughts on getting good seats and cheap tkts for shows.

  9. GV says...

    Heard the show on tape.
    Nice going.

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