* Madisons New York Grill & Bar (Boca Raton)

Posted on October 18th, 2013 · American Boca Raton

* Madisons New York Grill & Bar (Boca Raton)

There is an old saying…”5 Times The Charm”—or something like that!

Anyway, yesterday Jeff Eats did some checking–on a new “American Style” joint that is being “built” in Boca Raton—Madisons New York Grill & Bar. Thought that you guys might like to “share” the e-mail I received from Madisons’ PR firm (it’s printed below)…

Just so you know, the “Boca” location that Madisons is going into-has previously been the home to a Pizza Restaurant, New York Style Deli, BBQ Ribs-Chicken Restaurant and a French Restaurant…just maybe, 5X is the charm!

Jeff Eats is going to “follow” Madisons and as soon as it opens (plans call for December, 2013) I’ll give you the skinny on food/decor. Just so you know, I did some checking on Madisons with a couple of Canadian acquaintances and they swear by this “Canadian” chain—they compare it to being in the same league as Houston’s but with “lower” price-points…they said that it is very-family friendly with loads of flat screen tvs and a real casual atmosphere.

Anyway…Jeff Eats is putting Madisons on “our” calendar and will report back to you guys after it opens.

You can check for menu/prices and other pertinent info.

Good afternoon,
Nice speaking with you. Per our conversation, attached you will find information thus far regarding Madisons New York Grill, a Canadian-based restaurant group set to debut TWO new locations in South Florida in the next few months. Since 2004, Madisons has experienced incredible success with their 14 locations throughout Quebec and is now announcing its grand arrival to South Florida and the U.S., bringing a warm atmosphere, spectacular cuisine and extraordinary service to Boca Raton in December 2013 and Pompano Beach in 2014.
At Madisons, South Florida guests immediately identify with the outstanding New York-inspired menu and heightened dining experience featuring a welcoming bar area ideal for enjoying quality time with friends, family and colleagues. All amidst a magnificent setting, Madisons offers unique ambiance designed to complement the homemade cuisine and top-notch service.
I will certainly keep you in mind once we open and create tasting events.

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  1. Nick says...

    The spot has been an absolute disaster.
    California Pizza died there.
    Rascal House died there.
    A Wood Oven Chicken Restaurant died there (don’t recall the name).
    A French Bistro named Stephan’s spent more time building out than it did open and was the last failure.
    Only time will tell on Madisons.

    • Flora says...

      We attempted to have dinner at Madisons last night…I called about two weeks ago and was told they do not accept reservations unless you are a party of six or more……Was told to call 30 minutes in advance as they have a call ahead system in place.

      We called the day of (last night…..January 17) and was told they only use that system when they are not busy….If they are not busy, we do not need to call ahead……Madisons told us to come in about 6:20 and there would not be a problem and we did.

      There was a problem…..They now take reservations for a party of 4 and they were quite busy..They told us we could be seated right away outside (the temperature was about 50 degrees) or wait about 45 minutes. I asked to speak to a Manager and we did….She was not receptive to giving us a table and used a blank eyed stare to repeat… can wait 45 minutes or sit outside and of course, she was sorry.

      The four of us live here all year long….we dine out about 4 times a week.
      I wish them luck….We will never go back to Madisons and will betcha they will not be around a year from now……Too bad……Someone should tell them this is not a way to start a restaurant business in Boca Raton…Goodbye Madisons…just a matter of time…….

  2. jimmyc says...

    For some reason the location just doesn’t do well. Like you said, this is the 5th place to go in there.

    • clanner says...

      this one will do great there. good food and good prices. sort of like j marks in pompano and sunrise.

  3. gary says...

    The location happens to be primo, it’s what was at the location that failed……

    • TGW23 says...

      Have to agree with Gary. Location is terrific.

    • robertw says...

      California Pizza doesnt seem to close many restaurants though? They must have been doing very little business.

  4. robertw says...

    Seasons 52 next door there does fine but every place that was there before died. Jeff reviewed the Chicken place and it wasnt too great. Rascal House (I wish) was like Miami Beach. (It wasnt) I didnt know California Pizza died there also. Definitely a bad omen. Its a little weird from the street getting in there when driving. Maybe that is the issue. Also a Canadian chain coming to the US and starting in boca is most definitely a challenge.

    • gary says...

      CPK and Rascal House died because of internal issues, neither were operated by the original founders. The other restaurants were just not good. A well run restaurant (good service-good food- perceived value) will do great in this location.

  5. TYE says...

    Only time will tell.

  6. RAWBar says...

    I’ve eaten in madisons. Its food is good. It will do well in fl.

  7. Tim K says...

    The clientele will be very pleasantly surprised. Excellent food, good prices, the management team has had over 20 years experience…it will be a homerun.

  8. keywestdave says...

    Do we have to TIP? The Canucks never do?

  9. LouK says...

    Haven’t met even one Canadian who has even heard of this joint.

  10. Joe says...

    I think the location is great , it was the price point
    That killed it, people will pay but not overpay.
    Consumers are not stupid and Boca crowd is nobody’s
    Fool.All surrounding business’s are very
    Successfull so why shouldn’t that be.
    Needs right operators and good Management.

  11. nate schechter says...

    I have been to all four previous restaurants and find the location to be very easy to see from glades road going east and west. if madisons serve mussels like stefans and the rest of their menu as good ,they will be successful. hopefully they have extended the bar; it was beautifull but too small

  12. ZED says...

    It opened yesterday.

  13. Mr. House says...

    Got two questions for you.
    How often are you invited to restaurant tastings, openings and other special events?
    Do you think that attending these events clouds your judgment in writing reviews?

    By the way, I can definitely see why a restaurant would want you to make an appearance same for an event.

  14. DanyJoe says...

    Jeff, tried to get in last night but it had a long waiting list so my wife and I went over to Nick’s across the street. definitely want to try this one out as it looked great and menu seemed to be priced right. will probably get to after the newness wears off in a month or so.

  15. KLEIN says...

    My wife and I just finished eating at Madisons. I had the cheeseburger and she had the crab cake sandwich. We thought that the food was very good as was the service. Madisons is also a very nice looking restaurant. Thought the burger at 14 and the crab cakes at 13 both which came with a potato were decently priced.
    Can’t believe that we beat Jeff Eats to a restaurant especially in his own Boca Raton backyard.
    Throwing in our two cents, our review isn’t worth anything near a favorable one from Jeff.

  16. Eddie R. says...

    Madisons is excellent.
    Limited compact menu that touches all of the bases.
    Handsome restaurant with a full bar. Plenty of tvs.
    Definitely going to take some of Houstons’ action away.

    Jeff, be interested in your thoughts on this one.

  17. mike says...

    went there 2 nt ( 12/30)

    told 50 minutes wait for a 1/2 empty restaurant

    watched 5 tables of 4 leave while we seated in 15 minutes

    menu is houstons deja vu

    now if you are going to open a restaurant in Houstons parking lot then maybe you might be a little original

    wine list higher ( row eleven at houstons 34 here its 43 same wine

    steaks the same price burgers as well

    ordered 3 sides 2 burgers and a steak

    burgers great fries ICE COLD

    steak average

    asked 3 times for a side never appeared

    this place has no chance

    would go to houstons anytime

    same price

    consistent better service


  18. kihi says...

    Went last Saturday night around 9:00pm. Not that crowded so we were seated right away. They expanded the bar area. They don’t take reservations at this time, not sure why. Overall I liked it. The French Dip Sandwich was excellent almost as good as Houston’s if not better. Looking forward to going back.

  19. JR (Boca) says...

    Jeff, Ate there last night. the food was very well presented and quite tasty. Delicous burger, crab cake sandwich very little filling and Greek salad. You got to get over there and try it for yourself.

  20. Al R. says...

    I’ve been there three times so far, once with a friend.

    First and foremost, I really like the decor. The bar is comfy and spacious. I actually like it better than Houston’s which is a bit cramped. There are several TV monitors placed around the bar. One of the critical mistakes the former occupant (Stephan’s) made was running the fashion channel nonstop on the TVs. Now I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want to watch male runway models posing in bizarre outfits while eating lunch. Fortunately, the manager of Madison’s puts on sports and news channels.

    I’ve tried the clam chowder, club sandwich, ribeye steak, french dip, crab cakes, and creme brûlée cheesecake so far. I would rate the quality of the food above a chain like the Cheesecake Factory, but just a smidgen below Houston’s. However, price/performance wise I think it’s a good value, and there’s always a chance the food may even go up a notch once the restaurant hits its stride.

    The service was excellent. Of course, I went when the restaurant was nearly empty (the first time was on opening day and they were still doing work on the bar). There were a few very minor flubs, but I attribute that to opening day jitters.

    I know that this location has had its problems in the past. Stephan’s might have made it if the owner had dialed down the pretentiousness and listened to his customer feedback. I think Madison’s will make it though, mainly because it provides a very decent and convenient alternative to Houston’s. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stopped by Houston’s simply wanting to relax at the bar, but couldn’t get a seat. From now on, I’ll simply go to Madison’s instead…and I think a lot of other people are going to feel the same way.

    I think Madison’s will make it. In fact, the Boca Houston’s may finally have something to worry about.

  21. L.Hayward says...

    We checked out the restaurant- Excellent ambiance, service and food. Hopefully it will succeed and give Houston’s and Seasons a run for their money. They are planning on a “Happy Hour” menu which ought to knock out the other two.

  22. AKJ says...

    I ate dinner there yesterday. It was literally a mob scene with people trying to get in. I had a cheeseburger and ff and my wife had the Greek salad with grilled chicken. The food was on par with Houston’s which is the same center. Prices are a drop lower than Houston’s. The outdoor patio hasn’t opened yet, but will definitely be a great addition for us dog people.

  23. AL S. (Boca) says...

    Hey Jeff,
    My wife and I have lived in Boca for over 35 years. Have eaten in all of the restaurants that were in Madisons’ spot except for Stephan’s which closed too fast for even us to get over there. Personally we think that the location is excellent. The problem has been that the restaurants weren’t any good. The worst of the bunch was Rascal House which was so mismanaged that you could write a textbook based on what not to do.
    Last night we ate at Madisons and loved it. Very similar in menu/price/ quality to Houstons which is right next door but Madisons is much brighter and colorful than Houstons. You know that how food tastes is strictly a taste call by the individual so we won’t bore you with the details. Based on our dinner, We definitely think that Madisons will be around for quite sometime.

  24. Neal K says...

    Terrific food and service.
    Very reasonable prices.

  25. Dan B says...

    Just returned from dinner there (1/4/14)….figured I’d wait a week or so, to let them work out the inevitable new restaurant kinks.

    In a word….HORRIBLE!

    Unimaginative clone of Houston’s menu, with no specials offered, and no choice of green vegetable sides…all at Houston’s prices.

    But, what really stunk was the service. Sat at the bar, felt rushed, food was all served together (no starter, then main course…maybe that’s how they define ‘fine dining’ in Quebec?). Kept trying to sell more cocktails…but forgot to ask how my food was cooked (it was grossly overdone)…and when they were advised…they forgot to do anything about it.

    For the first time this century, I left no gratuity with my bill…it was THAT bad! Perhaps I now understand why Canadians generally never leave gratuities with service like this up north!

  26. marcia g says...

    This place charged us $254.00 for a New Years Eve dinner we never had We cancelled and when I tried to go in the manager today… Don?(he never gave his name, I had to call to ask) was extremely rude. Telling me I WAS there at table 54. He cut me off every time I spoke, first telling me I made the reservation over a month in advance then realizing it was 2 days before.AND it was cancelled the next day! He was very disrespectful in his tone…A shame ,we have never been there and we never will. I find it hard to believe this is a manager. I will be calling and writing to Corporate!

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