Chef Eddie’s (Orlando)

Posted on October 16th, 2013 · American BBQ Breakfast Orlando


***** Chef Eddie’s, 3214 Orange Center Boulevard, Orlando, Florida 32805, (407) 505-6802.

Let’s call Chef Eddie’s a “soul food” diner…the joint does breakfast/lunch/dinner Tuesday-Sunday 8am-8:30pm and absolutely blew Jeff Eats away with some of the most delicious fried chicken & waffles, fried shrimp, crab cakes, bbq ribs, mac & cheese, hush puppies—that this East-Flatbush Boy has ever eaten.

No fooling around…Chef Eddie’s food is dynamite.

You can check Chef Eddie’s menu/dirt cheap prices at—there are also a whole bunch of photos/videos for your consideration.

Let Jeff Eats close by saying–every so often I come across a joint that is an aboslute home-run…well, this one is a grand slam!

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  1. mark says...

    From: mark
    Subject: New place in boca

    Message Body:
    Have you tryied Bella Nonna Gourmet Pizza in boca? They are new in business but
    excellent service and excellent pizza. You must to try!

  2. Justin says...

    From: Justin
    Subject: Another Loser….

    Message Body:
    Check this out… Almost laughable….,0,7563198.story

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  3. Scott says...

    From: Scott
    Subject: Love your blog site!

    Message Body:
    Jeff, how about getting your readers together for an evening of food tasting. I
    am sure I am not the only one that would like to thank you in person. BTW, I
    think Lime is a cool chain of restaurants ( they were bought by Ruby Tuesdays)
    and I think it has a chance to be a good growing chain. What do you think? Best
    Regards, Scott

  4. Dorothy Saintus says...

    From: Dorothy Saintus
    Subject: Restaurant review

    Message Body:
    Hello Jeff. I was wondering how to go about having you write a review about Best
    a Tastes of the Island, a recently opened caribbean restaurant located in
    Greenacres, FL serving the West Palm Beach community. Looking forward to working
    with you.

    Dorothy Saintus

  5. Scott says...

    From: Scott
    Subject: Love your site!

    Message Body:

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  6. DG says...

    Sorry to be the one who actually reviews the restaurant in question…

    We tried it for lunch yesterday. The chicken and red velvet waffle was superb as also was a seafood omelette.

    The service was charming and helpful and the general ambience was more pleasant than the poor decor would suggest.

    We felt comfortable eating in this place and in the neighbourhood but it was daytime, I am not sure how safe it might feel by night.

  7. Gilbert Goldman says...

    They have moved to a more upscale place but the food is still great

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