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* Dead On Arrival— Butcher & The Burger

Posted on September 30th, 2013 · American Boca Raton Fast Food Music/Events/Other

* Dead On Arrival–Butcher & the Burger

Back on April 19, 2013 Jeff Eats “ran” a story on a new fast food joint—Butcher & The Burger which had just opened in Boca Raton’s Town Center’s food-court…suffice it to say—the rather blunt call was- that the concept would fail. To you-guys’ credit, tons of comments came in, with most of you agreeing–that the owner had created/designed a disaster. Before I chat further about Butcher & The Burger you guys do know, that Jeff Eats would match its readers’ “smarts” and “taste” against any food-blog/review site currently out there. No bs here—some of you guys are absolutely brilliant in the way you see business/food etc…


Last week, Butcher & The Burger closed.


Since Jeff Eats has no “skin” in the game…I could care-less if a restaurant makes it or doesn’t make it. On a personal level, I only wish new restaurant ventures the best of luck… That said, I do know as a general rule- two things about restaurants…You want to eat in them not own them–but that’s just me.

The point of this “story”—in the case of Butcher & the Burger, a guy from Chicago with a very-very successful restaurant–opened a fast food outlet in Boca Raton without doing his “homework” and as a result lost a ton of cash…when, all he had to do before spending even one thin dime—was ask you local guys-what you thought.

9 Comments to “* Dead On Arrival— Butcher & The Burger”

  1. Donny G says...

    We told him.
    That’s how the cookie crumbles.

  2. Kranepool says...

    Jeff Eats is one of the most interesting and creative food blogs out there.
    I’m a huge fan and a long time reader.
    No question in my mind the readership has some very strong opinions and worldly views.

  3. LUKE329 says...

    from day one the freaking outlet was a mess. he also closed the gyro place he had next to the burger outlet. the food stunk and the signage was beyond terrible. whoever this fellow is he really didn’t understand the market or how to build a food court store.

  4. VFP says...

    The owner of this fast food concept had absolutely no idea as to what the local market was.
    That food court isn’t strong.
    Most of the customers are WOMEN.
    WOMEN on the whole aren’t big hamburger eaters.
    So what this fellow did was open a HAMBURGER stand and charged type dollar to boot.
    Then to make matters worse he had the worse signage imaginable. Almost impossible to read.
    THEN he hired the most inept counter people. You don’t have to be Marilyn Monroe but nobody wants fat heavy set people who give a rat’s ass serving them.
    Right next door to this guy was Chick FilA with there good looking sharp kids with outgoing personalities this clown had help that looked like they hadn’t bathed in a week.
    The comments on this thing told him all this and the fellow didn’t do a damn thing about it.
    Good riddance to this crap hole.
    Maybe we’ll now get a good outlet in there.

  5. Ed Fischer says...

    Jeff, VFP is calling tough but he is right. The whole thing looked digusting. The Meditteranean one he also built also was disgusting looking and the help, what a mess.
    The guy really had no idea as to what he was doing and Simon Mall should never have given him spots in the first place. They let this guy experiment on us here in Boca.

  6. DG says...

    Just curious about names and how much these matter.

    For example, does the name Meatball Room convey the image of an attractive place for lunch or dinner?

    What image was Burger & The Butcher meant to suggest? Seems you guys reckon it was a goner before it got going

  7. exs says...

    names are important.
    in nyc very famous place call meatball. does great.
    the one coming to boca is not related, but the name works only if the food is good.

  8. Cal T. says...

    The owner of the Butcher made so many mistakes in opening in Boca Raton that it wasn”t even funny.
    First the concept was all wrong. The idea that was generated in comments on the original article to have sliders was the way to go.
    Second, the price points were way too high.
    Third, the outlet was dull and drab and the signage was a joke.
    You are so right, if this fellow had just asked YOU he wouldn’t now be sitting with a huge disaster.
    Love the blog.
    A ton of very smart people read it and their comments make this site very different from all others.

  9. roger76 says...

    how it lasted as long as it did is amazing.

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