* Best CHEAP Seafood Joints In South Florida

Posted on September 30th, 2013 · American Seafood


* Best CHEAP Seafood Joints in South Florida

Can we get a list of the Best CHEAP Seafood Joints in South Florida?

Now “CHEAP Seafood” may-be an oxymoron here, but do your best.


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  1. Will B. says...

    hey jeff,
    awhile ago you recommended Fish Shack in Pompano Beach. my wife and I have eaten there something like 5 times since then and the food is amazing. prices are really reasonable. it’s a real hole in the wall and is a must try.

    • gary says...

      My wife and I were going to Fish Shack as well. After several visits and some good and some not so good meals we realized that there were better options for good seafood at similar prices.

      • gary says...

        I take back what I said, have not tried Fish Shack. I was thinking of Seafood World.

  2. Lynn R. says...

    Eagle Grill in Greenacres.

  3. Clarkson says...


  4. 1290TG says...

    Skipper’s in Tampa.
    Mitchell’s in Tampa.

  5. Whack-a-mole says...

    Tarks, in Hollywood. Kelly’s Landing, in Fort Lauderdale. Catfish Dewey’s, in Fort Lauderdale

  6. Azureblue says...

    Tark’off US 1 in Hollywood is an outstanding value and has been there for decades. Fish Shack has a nice friendly atmosphere, but the food is just fair and you had better be packing heat if you have to wait outside. The Whale’s Rib in Deerfield Beach has a great atmosphere because it is across from the beach and if you stick to their fish sandwich with Whale fries or their specials, it is a great deal! Also, the lobster roll at Bonefish Mac’s off US1 in Pompano is a fantastic deal and very tasty!

  7. jky says...

    Garcia’s in Miami.

  8. denny greene says...

    scotty’s landing, area 31, enis seafood.
    all are in Miami.

  9. CharlieDelray says...

    Second Garcia’s in Miami. Better yet, its sister restaurant in little Havana La Cameronera.

    I have loved Calypso in Pompano since the day they opened in April 1990. I would no longer call them cheap. But I would call them a great value for terrific flavors, super friendly owner (Chuck and Lora) operated restaurant and ultra fresh seafood.

    They opened my world to conch, jerk, and a lot of the unique SoFla / Caribbean flavors.

    NOTE: Do NOT confuse with Old Calypso in Delray!!!

    • curtis lee says...

      garcia’s is outstanding.

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