Zorba’s Taverna, (Delray Beach)

Posted on September 23rd, 2013 · Delray Beach Mediterranean/Greek


***** Zorba’s Taverna, 4801 Linton Boulevard, Delray Beach, Florida 33445, (561) 381-7411.

I know-I know-I know–real original name…

That said, if you want some real good Greek-stuff, then you gotta try Zorba’s Taverna in Delray Beach.

Nothing fancy going on here…maybe 20 tables inside, maybe another 6 outside—and two doors down in the shopping center you got a nice sized Big Lots’ store. On the d├ęcor front, white/powder blue walls and a massive (and I do mean massive) painted wall mural of either Tony Bennett, Telly Savales, Fred Astaire, Ernie Anastos (not from NYC? Google him!) or my late Uncle Murray (he was married to my father’s sister- Irene)…if you eat at Zorba’s, please drop me a line as to who you think is portrayed in the mural, ’cause I’m not really sure!…that said, I’m leaning towards Uncle Murray.

Earlier this evening, Jeff Eats gave Zorba’s a shot…gyro, souvlaki, roast chicken, Greek salad, tzatziki, hummus, Greek fries, French fries, pita, pistachio baklava—for the record, Mrs. Jeff Eats shared the meal…didn’t want you guys to think that I was a certifiable pig. The verdict, this 6-month old joint makes real-good food. Pleasant-competent service, huge portions and super reasonable prices.


Just so we are straight with each other–after all this is a food blog…the pork souvlaki was a bit on the tough side–but once wrapped in pita bread with a shot of tzatziki/Greek salad–it went down quite nicely. Hopefully this “criticism” satisfies those of you who recently e-mailed asking for more “detail” on the foods consumed.

Check for menu/prices.

Let me wrap this one up…

Jeff Eats really enjoyed Zorba’s Taverna which is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.

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  1. Janet G. says...

    Glad you tried Zorba’s.
    I knew you would like it, that’s why I recommended it to you a few weeks ago.
    I’ve eaten there 4 times and each time the food and service were solid.
    On that mural thing, now that I think of it, it kind of looks like Gus the handyman who works at our condo here in Delray. I could be wrong, but it definitely isn’t of Bennett, Savales, Astaire or Anastos. Could be Uncle Murray, but I never met the man so I’m not sure.
    Love the blog.
    Janet G.

  2. Albee Martin says...

    Which joint is better, Chris’ in Lake Worth or Zorba’s in Delray Beach?

    • Janet G. says...

      Chris’ Taverna is better.

    • mocachip says...

      Hands down Chris’.
      Zorba’s is good but not in Chris’ league.

    • alcaplan says...

      Chris’s….hands down. Quality of food and preparation far better. Zorba’s is OK with very good service and would return primarily because of proximity to residence. Greek islands taverna in Ft. Lauderdale is, by far, the best Greek restaurant in the area.

  3. Johnny C. says...

    Hey Jeff,
    Have been reading Jeff Eats for years. Your picks are usually right on the mark as far as I’m concerned. Like you I’m only interested in good food and really don’t care about the hows/whats in its making.
    There is no question that in any given restaurant some dishes are going to be better than others. As long as everything is decent then I’m in.
    Your site is very refreshing.
    Unlike reviews in newspapers that really take this food reviewing to an absurd serious degree Jeff Eats tells you where to go, end of story.
    I also love the way you write and the little jokes etc you sneak in here and there.
    Love your mural comments.
    Thanks for the reviews and fun.

  4. LGT1943 says...

    Jeff, I think you got this one all wrong. I ate this last week with my husband. He found his gyro extremely dry and I thought my roast chicken was undercooked. Our waitress forgot to tell me that my dish came with a complimentary glass of wine. She remembered after we were done eating and paying the check. She gave us a dessert to take home instead. We won’t be running back so fast.


    Message Body:


  6. Sharon says...

    From: Sharon

    Message Body:
    Dear Jeff:

    Have you tried Sunrise Pita? Great falafel, reasonable prices. A hole in the
    wall. When we order, we ask for everything, no hot sauce (it is very hot). Good
    free pickled salad bar comes with meal. Kosher.

    Sunrise Pita & Grill
    2680 N University Dr
    Sunrise, FL 33322
    (954) 748-0090

    P. S. We just tried Blue Willys Barbecue 09/21/13. Disappointed. Meat
    overcooked. Tried brisket and ribs, Mac and cheese, beans. Mac and cheese
    ordinary. Sauces not great.
    1386 S Federal Hwy
    pompano beach, FL 33062
    (954) 224-6120

    At Tubby’s Discount Convenience
    6980 W McNab Rd
    Tamarac, FL 33321
    (954) 722-3143

    In the parking lot sometimes they do barbecue. If you catch them barbecuing,
    must get. Delicious. Reasonable prices. We tried the ribs, Mac and cheese,
    potato salad, and sweet potato pies. Great. She was out of beans when we were
    there. A real find. Potato salad unusually good. Meat fall off the bones

  7. Len G. says...

    Ate at Zorba’s last night.
    I had gyro and my girlfriend had the roast chicken. We both had greek salads and ff.
    The food was very good as was the service.
    The portions were nice sized and for roughly $35 we had left overs to take home.

  8. lisa says...

    We found this place over the summer and have eaten there many times. The food is good. The spinach pie is GREAT. Best spinach pie I have ever had.

    Love Chris’ Taverna but this is so much closer and really good. Nice service and friendly.

  9. rick says...

    the mural is of zorba the greek from the movie “zorba the greek” the character zorba is played by anthony quinn btw. good review i just saw that you werent sure who it was. that Ernie Anastos comment was funny lol it does resemble him

  10. Gary Goldberg says...

    Ate there tonight for first time. Gyro was delicious.

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