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Cool Beans Indoor Playground (Palm Beach Gardens)


***** Cool Beans Indoor Playground, 11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Avenue (Downtown At The Gardens), Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410, (561) 627-1782.

Got something really cool for parents/grandparents of young kids—ages 6 months-6 years…an indoor-playground named- Cool Beans Indoor Playground- located in Palm Beach Gardens.

If you read Jeff Eats’ “About Me” section, you’ll note that at one time Jeff Eats was the CEO of a Florida based Discovery Zone franchise…for those unfamiliar with Discovery Zone, think Chuck E. Cheese sans the animatronics and you’ll be on the right page…the point—Jeff Eats is extremely familiar (at least I think I am)- with all aspects of kids’ entertainment centers/indoor playgrounds from site selection- design/construction/décor/equipment/staffing/operations.

Now let me get back to Cool Beans…

Cool Beans is one of the coolest entertainment/indoor playgrounds that I’ve seen. Best way to describe it…Indoor playground meets Starbucks/Panera Bread.

At this stage of the game (pun intended) go check for pictures/details—the site will give you some idea as to how cool this joint looks, the play-stuff it offers and the food/beverages available. For you lazy guys…just imagine a kid’s indoor playground inside a Starbucks with Panera Bread type food offerings—there- I did the work for you, so you can stay on this page!

Long story on how I found this joint, but I will tell you…first class all the way! CLEAN–top-shelf play equipment, great looking café décor, quality/reasonably priced food/beverage offerings. Now nothing for nothing in that I didn’t interview the entire staff—but my money says-that whoever owns this joint, has a top-notch GM and “counselor” staff watching after the kids…

Now for a little secret…the trick to a successful kids’ entertainment/indoor playground is that- THE PARENTS (ADULTS) DON’T MIND BEING THERE! Let me repeat that for you slow learners…if the parents (adults) don’t mind being there, they’ll take the kids there.

Let me wrap this up for you…

Yesterday afternoon, Jeff Eats “watched” Cool Beans Indoor Playground for a good 40 minutes…no question in my mind, every kid had a blast–and every adult was as relaxed as could be.

Like I said 19 seconds ago, Cool Beans Indoor Playground is a first-class operation….if you have kids and live in Cool Beans’ neighborhood —give it a shot. If you live in the neighborhood, don’t have kids and still give Cool Beans a shot–Abogado Jeff Eats is well versed in Florida Criminal Law and can be reached/retained at!

For those of you with devious minds, kidless Jeff Eats introduced himself to two employees before he “checked” the joint out…so there!

Cool Beans is open Monday-Thursday 9am-8pm, Friday-Saturday 9am-9pm, Sunday 10am-6pm.

24 Comments to “Cool Beans Indoor Playground (Palm Beach Gardens)”

  1. rkf says...

    Jeff, Im in commercial real estate. As you probably know this center hasn’t exactly been a huge success. Tenants have come and gone like crazy. The last year or so there has been a big push to make it a family oriented center. Yogurt shop, kids hair cutting shop, upscale candy store, merry go round, kids train ride, kids play cafe, etc. Seems to be gaining traction and hopefully will prove to be a success. here’s the link to beans.

  2. scooter says...

    I see they are trying to franchise this business.
    What do you think of its chances?

    • Mr. Franchise says...

      I wouldn’t get involved with a franchise like this.
      there is little to no business mon-thursday.
      these places are fun to go to, not to own.

      • Bill says...

        Can’t agree at all! Today they had Toddler Tuesday and catered to the age group and the place was packed. I brought the 2-year old and stayed through the lunch rush.

        Maybe slow weekdays are valid for older-age places… Cool Beans is always busy!

      • Ned D says...

        Mr Franchise
        You are so right.

  3. AM-JONES says...

    leave it to Jeff to get pedophilia into a review.
    great site with Brooklyn style.

  4. BK (Atlanta) says...

    The owner of this business would be a real smart guy if he contacted you and picked your brain on how to expand this business.
    I don’t think that the folks here know that your company was the most successful DZ franchisee in the chain and that you personally designed the first 20,000plus square foot store that became the model for 350 future stores.
    Word going around is that you are now advising a small fast food chain.
    Havent heard from you since you were the General Partner of that Hardees chain.
    Give me a call and say hello to Mrs. Jeff Eats
    Looking forward to chatting.
    BK (Atlanta)

    • JeffEats says...

      BK (Atlanta):

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      Long time no “speak.”

      Jeff Eats will be in your neck of the woods later this week/and over the weekend. I’ll be in touch.

      Thanks for reading…

    • Matt K says...

      I remember that DZ in Kendall. It started out as a Winn Dixie and was about 30,000 sq feet. It was converted into a DZ and the build out was massive. It had something like 10 party rooms, a full fast food restaurant, a huge video arcade, a stage/show area and a gigantic ball/tube area. Quite an amazing structure.

  5. Steve F says...

    Read your column and yesterday checked this business out. I liked the look and style of the business. Not so sure of this particular location and if the numbers make sense as a viable business. Jeff, what’s your thoughts on viability?

    • JeffEats says...

      Steve G.:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      To answer your questions, I think that I would rather be the customer than the owner.

      As always, Jeff Eats wishes the business-owner, the best of luck!

      Thanks for reading…

  6. Andrea S. says...

    I and my two kids aged 2 and 3 1/2 love this place. Loads of fun and the food is excellent. The staff is wonderful and really does a great job in making everyone happy.

  7. Sherry Edelman says...

    in boca we have two similar type places, playtown café and boca play station.
    both of them serve a great purpose..

    • Bill says...

      Playtown cafe is closed…
      Always looking for something to do with the kiddos!

  8. Lori Perry says...

    From: Lori Perry
    Subject: Great Meeting You on Sunday

    Message Body:
    Hi Jeff,

    It was great meeting you, your wife and adorable dog on Sunday. Thank you for the nice review.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Thank you,

    • JeffEats says...

      Lori Perry:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      We enjoyed chatting with you.

      “You” have a terrific looking indoor playground setup…

      Thanks for reading…

  9. skat says...

    let me see if i understand this correctly, they have one store and they are already trying to franchise the business. give me a break.
    all i got to do is open a kids playground with a starbucks looking setup and i got the samething without beans.

    • Alan Sugarman says...

      The franchisor is going to find out very fast that he has a business that hasn’t put up enough time, numbers, stores to warrant anyone even considering buying a franchise.

  10. Joey F says...

    This business of indoor playgrounds isn’t a new concept. It’s been around for years. This one sounds like an interesting version on an old theme. These places definitely serve a purpose. As for being good businesses to own. I’m not so sure of that.
    The big problem that Ive seen with these 6 months to 6 year old places is that the facilities have purposely limited their market. Just think, your a family with a 4 year old, 6 year old and an 8 year old. A place like Chuck E Cheese works for you but a place like Beans doesn’t.
    Beans maybe a cool place but as for a business it’s in too narrow of a niche to make any serious money with.
    Just my humble opinion.

  11. BHY1947 says...

    last night I took a look at BEANS. you are right, it’s a nice looking place. I also walked around the center and see that the landlord is doing its best to make it a kid-family type center. the landlord is a long way away from getting there but it looks like a good start. a few more kid stores, lady boutiques, etc are needed. too bad they can’t get a toys r us, or a babies r us in there. I would also think an upscale bowling alley would be a homerun.
    as I said, a long way to go but the center definitely is pointing in the right direction.
    on BEANS, I think its fun for little kids but not having big kid options is going to be its downfall. its playing to too small of an audience. keep in mind, that those kids only stay 6mos-6yrs for only so long.
    I have to agree with you that i’d rather be the customer than the owner.

  12. Kal says...

    A bit too soon to be franchising this thing. 1 store!
    The owner is pretty aggressive.
    Can’t see why anyone would buy in here.

  13. Sharon R. says...

    Jeff Eats:
    I have taken my 3 kids there several times. They really have a lot of fun and I enjoy the coffee etc. Very nice equipment and the staff is wonderful.

  14. Ron B. says...

    Looked at this joint last Sunday.
    You are right, it’s pretty cool looking.
    That said, you and I both know that the guy running the deal has no chance whatsoever of franchising this thing. He’s got one store and the concept isn’t something that can’t be copied in two seconds. He needs loads of stores with a track record to even have a chance to franchise it, but you know that already.

  15. Jackie D says...

    My 3 year old loves this place. His mother (that’s me) also loves this clean, safe, well staffed, well run place that also has delicious food and coffee.

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