* The Sun Sentinel Must Have Been Smoking Something!

Posted on September 20th, 2013 · Music/Events/Other


* The Sun Sentinel Must Have Been Smoking Something!

This morning, the Sun Sentinel “issued” its 2013 “BEST OF SOUTH FLORIDA”…

Included Categories:

Food & Drinks
Casual Restaurants
Ethnic Restaurants
Service & Setting
Special Occasions
Bars & Clubs
Arts & Entertainment
Staff Picks

According to the Sun Sentinel, no joking here…

Publix fried chicken is the best.
P.F. Chang’s is the best Chinese restaurant.
Capital Grille is the best steakhouse.

You can check for complete lists.

What’s really scary here…is that the “best this” and the “best that” were determined by 2585 people who voted in Sun Sentinel polls…other “best picks” were made by the Sun Sentinel’s staff. Just think, there are something like 500 billion people living in south Florida and the Sun Sentinel relied on 2585 GOD KNOWS WHO to basically guide the masses…sounds nuts to Jeff Eats—when all those billions got to do is read Jeff Eats and your reader comments to get the skinny on what’s really going on down here.

Not to influence you or nothing…but Jeff Eats kinda thinks that the Sun Sentinel must have been “smoking” something when it concocted its lists…and as far as the “staff picks”–just maybe, it had its eye on “future” advertising dollars—but that would be way too devious, don’t you think?

But, that’s just one man’s opinion on this 2013 best list thing!

17 Comments to “* The Sun Sentinel Must Have Been Smoking Something!”

  1. CLOWNIE says...

    Mojo Donuts, yes.
    Anthony’s for best wings and meatballs, they must be nuts.

  2. shelly says...

    I spent 30 plus years in advertising. The “Chinese Walls” between editorial and sales frequently don’t exisit, especially in soft news areas like restaurants and entertainment. A restaurant reviewer who gives rave reviews when the staff gives him a very warm welcome, no matter the quality of the food. Give me a brake. You are spot on.

  3. Jones says...

    You are a breath of fresh air.
    You just call it ike you see it.
    For sure, sometimes you don’t see it like I see it, but you don’t pull punches one way or the other.
    The Sun Sentinel is just like all of these phony baloney magazines that have restaurant reviews and then have an ad for the same restaurant two pages later.
    The Sun Sentinel lives and dies on advertising dollars. Really that simple.
    To say that Publix fried chicken is the best is absurd beyond belief. Same for Einstein’s bagels.
    Just looked at all of the WINNERS and most of them are ridiculous choices.
    Anyway, we know what’s what and hopefully others do to.

  4. Carlos M. says...

    very scientific poll, not.

  5. 5gA says...

    Listing Publix and PF Changs tells you that the whole list idea is stupid. Imagine listing Publix chicken of all the terrific places that are out there!

  6. David L says...

    Let’s get the Jeffeats Army Together for the 1st annual Jeffeats awards…

    We can call it the Jeffeatzee’s or something…

    I’ll take what that list comes up with any day over the SunSentinel.

  7. Zelmo says...

    The picks that were published are in most part ridiculous. The sad part of the story is tha lads of tourists will get bagged into going to many of these places because they think that the Sun Sentinel is legit.

  8. Brad larino says...

    From: Bradlarino
    Subject: Love your Blog

    Message Body:
    Hey Jeff,

    Your blog comes through for me time and time agian, keep up the good work.

    Brad larino

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  9. mark says...

    You can tell the voters were mostly old retired North Easterners. I drive by Duffy’s in Boynton Beach on the way home and every day there are a line of blue hairs waiting to get seated. Its price then quantity then taste with that crowd.

    • clark j. says...

      mark, I found the lists to be very strange. no list for best deli or sub places yet they have best gay bar, drag club etc. now really, I know we have a nice sized gay community in s florida, but how many people who read the ss really need those categories? I got to question who made up the categories and who the voters really were/

  10. NHY says...

    had an 8 piece publix fried chicken and I must say it was delicious.,

  11. KR says...

    Not the best but definitely very good fried chicken.

  12. Jennifer says...

    The worst list I have ever seen… they all are the worst in South Florida not the best, except maybe PF Changs is passible if you live near by… OY

  13. Shelly H says...

    From: Shelly H
    Subject: Sun-Sentinel Picks PF Chang as best Chinese

    Message Body:
    in South Florida. I once ate Chinese food in Paducah, Kentucky. It was better
    than anything at PF Chang. (Except their chocolate cake and we know how chinese
    that is.)

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  14. Dandy D says...

    The fried chicken is terrible.

  15. Albert W says...

    Anyone who would rate Publix fried chicken #1 needs to ave his or her head examined.

  16. Frank A says...

    Publix fried chicken is like eating shit.

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