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Schnapper’s Hots (Sanibel)

Posted on September 15th, 2013 · American Desserts Fast Food Pizza


***** Schnapper’s Hots, 1528 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel, Florida 33957, (239) 472-8686.

Schnapper’s Hots…fast-food “hot dog stand” with limited standing -room eating inside and limited outdoor seating—located in Sanibel.

Short and sweet, Jeff Eats “lives” for joints like Schnapper’s Hots.

Terrific all-beef hot dogs, burgers, wings char-broiled on a gas grill…equally delicious fresh hand-cut french fries, home-made hand breaded onion rings, pizza, fried fish sandwiches, ice cream cones and shakes—and you got a home-run in this boy’s book. Throw in the fact that the joint is located on a street named PERIWINKLE WAY…and you know you gotta try it!

Check menu/photos at

Schnapper’s Hots is open Sunday-Thursday 11am-8pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-9pm.

12 Comments to “Schnapper’s Hots (Sanibel)”

  1. Joey Gallo says...

    Jeff, you got me thinking about this joint. looked at its website and other pictures and it looks great. Sanibel isn’t exactly in my backyard but ive got it on my list to definitely try. these are the kind of joints that I love to eat in.

    • Sid L. Turner says...

      I was thinking the same thing. great looking hole in the wall.

  2. neil k says...

    nothing beats charbroiled burgers and hot dogs, boiled dogs are lousy.

  3. Vic D. says...

    Another terrific find.
    I vacation on Sanibel every year for 3 weeks.
    I must have eaten at Schnappers maybe 20 times during the past 5 years. They make great hot dogs and burgers. Their fries are also really good. Surprising they have really good pizza although they really aren’t a pizza place. I will say that they aren’t exactly cheap but this area is very happy in the tourist business so I get where they are coming from on the price front. Here’s the website

  4. mark says...

    Jeff next time your in the area try Heavenly Biscuits great food

  5. Sid L. Turner says...

    wasn’t there a professor periwinkle in the superman tv show. am right on that?

    • Joey DeLong says...

      Hey Sid,
      Without even knowing you but based on your posts about you look just like a Professor Perwinkle. Short, bald, thin, about 43 with horned rimmed glasses. You wear khaki pants and a buttoned down short sleeve shirt.

      • RRD says...

        I say Sid, is more like 70 years old and glassesless. But the rest sounds about right. he also wears brown loafers and has the first dollar he ever earned.

      • zelnick says...

        if periwinkle sid is talking about the old superman show 43 would be too young. I say the dude is at least 65.

  6. LincolnJonesIV says...

    I’ve been to Schnappers and its hot dogs and ff are amazing. A must try if you are in Sanibel.

  7. Scooter Libb says...

    Jeff, you hear anything about this new joint MEATBALL ROOM that’s coming to Boca? Also did you hear that Luigi’s Coal Oven Pizza that you wrote about on Las Olas is coming to Delray Beach?

  8. JeffEats says...

    Scooter Libb:

    Just had a chance to read your comments.

    Have heard nothing about Meatball Room. All I can tell you, is that there has been a COMING SOON sign on the window for months. It’s going into the space that use to be Damiano’s in Boca Raton.

    On Luigi’s…it is coming to Atlantic in Delray Beach. It is opening right next door to Johnnie Brown’s. It is currently under construction.

    Thanks for reading…

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