Jordan’s Steak Bistro (Wellington)

Posted on September 11th, 2013 · American Wellington


***** Jordan’s Steak Bistro, 10140 West Forest Hill Boulevard, Wellington, Florida 33414, (561) 793-9394.

Got a really good “American Style” joint for you…Jordan’s Steak Bistro in Wellington.

I appreciate—that the word STEAK is featured in the restaurant’s name…but Jordan’s really isn’t a steak-house….

The joint’s got a full bar with tvs and a casual d├ęcor. When you check Jordan’s website- for menu/prices, you’ll find a couple of photos, so you’ll know what the restaurant looks like.

Jordan’s menu covers grilled cheese sandwiches to bone- in ribeyes…so don’t worry, everybody is gonna find what to eat.

A recent outing entailed, fried calamari-margherita flatbread-grilled Caesar salad-cheeseburger-18oz bone-in ribeye…and I must-say, everything was delicious. I especially enjoyed the ribeye-ranking it up there with the stuff you catch in the best South Florida steakhouses. On the price front, let’s say “reasonable” and service was as pleasant as can be.

Just so we are on the same page here, that ribeye ran 39 bucks and the steak fries side was another 5 …so– we ain’t exactly talking neighborhood “sports bar” prices—but all in all, the bet here is, that you won’t have to rush out to some ATM when you see the bill…then again, maybe you will have to, but I don’t know, because Jeff Eats hasn’t looked in your wallet-lately!

Let me wrap this one up for you this way…

Jeff Eats really enjoyed Jordan’s…

Jordan’s Steak Bistro is open Monday-Thursday 4pm-10pm, Friday-Saturday 4pm-11pm, Sunday 4pm-9pm.

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  1. whack-a-mole says...

    From: whack-a-mole
    Subject: Reviews —

    Message Body:
    Jeff —

    We haven’t seen a new review from you in a couple of weeks — just your picking
    from our collective minds, which, at least to me, seems like pretty slim

    There are any number of sites I can visit to give me a list of names of places.
    Your site gave me not only names, but down-to-earth reviews of those places.

    I have a feeling you know where pastrami is sold, where buffets are, and why
    McDonald’s will begin to sell wings.

    Give us the benefit of your dining expertise.

    If you’re looking for topics, why not revisit some of your older reviews, and
    update them?


    • jeff eats has a terrific blog. unlike most its not limited to just food talk. let jeff move at his own pace, thank you!

  2. Stan K. says...

    my wife and I have eaten there twice. the food is excellent as is the service. no phony baloney pretentiousness like the seakhouses have.
    that rib eye is fabulous.

  3. Carl J says...

    thks, although I live in wellington, i’d never heard of Jordan’s. just looked at the website and looks like a restaurant that i’d like to try. thks for the heads up.

  4. mark says...

    I want to try this place and if anyone wants to save 25 bucks on thier next visit check out

    • julie greene says...

      how was the food?
      was jeff on the money on this one?

      • mark says...

        I want to go there but have not but i have heard only good things about them

      • Frankie L. says...

        The food is amazing.
        Tried it a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed everything.

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