* Where Can I Get A Great Pastrami Sandwich?

Posted on September 3rd, 2013 · Delicatessen Music/Events/Other


* Where Can I Get A Great Pastrami Sandwich?

The other day, Jeff Eats received the following e-mail from reader Lou G…

Maybe you guys can “help” Lou G out!
Hey Jeff,

New to the area.
Just retired and moved to Delray Beach from Long Beach, LI.
Found your site and was wondering where can I get a great pastrami sandwich down here?
Thanks, and I look forward to trying some of your picks.

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  1. ZELLMAN says...

    Lou G,
    Hands down Zinger’s in Boca has the best pastrami.
    Since your from Long Beach, you probably know about Ben’s which has several locations in NY. Its Boca location also has decent pastrami.
    You may also like Pickle Barrel in Deerfield Beach.

  2. Sharon K. says...

    3 G’s in Delray has delicious pastrami.

  3. Whack-a-mole says...

    Josh’s Appetizing and Deli, 9517 Harding Avenue, Surfside. Young chef curing pastrami and corned beef for 14 days in house, then smoking for four hours. Tongue cured for 7 days. Smoking his own Scottish salmon.

    And the best matzo ball soup you’ve ever eaten!

  4. Joey Benson says...

    Lou G,
    Check Jeff’s deli section. There are a load of really good places listed.
    Personally my favorite is Blue Willie’s BBQ.
    I also love the pastrami at Pomperdale in Ft. Lauderdale.

    • Jon G says...

      Blue Willies BBQ has the best Pastrami anywhere. The only problem is you can only get it on Thursday and if you get there after 3pm your out of luck. ..

      • frankw says...

        I was there at 2 last Thursday and got the last one. Best pastrami sandwich I ever had.

        • Jon G says...

          Frankw, now you know how he guy behind you felt!

          • frankw says...

            It was a lady and she was devastated.

  5. Sid L. Turner says...

    As a newcomer, welcome.
    First stay away from Too Jays. Food is crap.
    Zingers in Boca has dynamite pastrami.
    Ben’s in Boca has good pastrami.

    • John says...

      TooJays is just as good as Ben’s (nothing to write home about) or Zingers.

      • luke says...

        you’re nuts. too jays pastrami is pure crap. you should be ashamed of yourself.

        • kj89 says...

          I am with you, too jays food is horrendous. it’s for the bargain crowd.

  6. Good Boy says...

    Zzzzzzzzzzingers in OUTSTANDING!

  7. Kelly B says...

    Pastrami Club in Lauderhill makes a great pastrami sandwich.
    Zinger’s in Boca also makes a terrific sandwich.
    Pomperdale in Fort Lauderdale has a really good sandwich.
    Ben’s in Boca makes a fabulous sandwich.

  8. Vic D332 says...

    Roasters & Toasters in Miami.
    Zinger’s and Ben’s in Boca.
    Pomperdale n Ft Lauderdale.
    3G’s in Delray Beach.

  9. Andy Grossman says...

    No question,
    Zinger’s and Ben’s both in Boca have terrific pastrami.
    Pomperdale in Fort Lauderdale also has terrific pastrami.

  10. Shelly says...

    From another Long Beacher. Try Ben’s in Boca. They also offer a Deli Double, you get 1/2 sandwich each of 2 different meats. I usually get 1/2 corned beef and 1/2 pastrami. Ask for it on Rye, the Challah rolls that it usually served with can be dry. And with a well done Potaoe Latke you are in Heaven.

    • Carl H. says...

      Try Zinger’s in Boca. Their corned beef and pastrami are better than Ben’s. same goes for their potato pancakes.

      • DDF218 says...

        You are right. Zinger’s is far superior than Ben’s. Now don’t get me wrong, Ben’s is good but Zinger’s is much better.

  11. Bill from Delray says...

    From another Long Beach, NY transplant I have to say that Zingers is ok as is 3Gs in Delray (fantastic hand cut rye bread with just average pastrami), but it’s nothing even close to the Lido Deli. I miss those Lido sandwiches!

    • SwiftyMike says...

      Zinger’s pastrami is the best around. 3G’s meats are pure garbage. Don’t push the guy to 3G’s based on price. He said he was looking for a top notch sandwich not a bargain priced sandwich.

  12. Alfred says...

    Well said SwiftyMike. 3G’s is typical National Deli crap. Zinger’s is the only way to go.

  13. robertw says...

    Those here always love ZIngers. Just keep in mind that Zingers on occasion throws together a bunch of fatty scraps and calls it a sandwich. This seems to happen when I see one of the owners (I think). Every time I see him there we tend to get a poor one. Also their other sandwiches that I had were nothing outstanding and are NO better than Toojays. I don’t find any major problem with Toojays other than their turkey dinner is mostly stuffing. And Carnegie Deli in NY is still the best deli.

    • Gene A says...

      Zinger’s food is fabulous while TooJay’s is barely passable.

      Ben’s pastrami is very good.
      Pickle Barrel makes a good pastrami sandwich.
      Roaster N Toasters makes a good pastrami sandwich.
      Pastrami Club makes a good sandwich.

    • Jon G says...

      Yes, Carnegie is excellent as is Katz’s. But all of these people that think any of these South Florida deli’s are even close to good must to go to Blue Willies BBQ on Thursdays. Then they will know what Pastrami is all about and never go anywhere else!

  14. Pastrami Dan’s in Naples.
    Ben’s Deli in Boca.
    Zinger’s in Boca.
    Pickle Barrel in Deerfield.
    Pastrami Club in Tamarac.
    Roasters & Toaster in Miami.

  15. ZINGER’S DELI in Boca Raton, then there are the rest.

  16. Zinger’s

  17. Carls says...

    Blue Willy’s BBQ but only on Thursdays. Very good and 100% house cured.

  18. Joe Greene says...

    This is a no brainer, ZINGER’S in Boca Raton.

  19. Artie Shaw says...

    The best pastrami that I have had in Florida was at Zinger’s in Boca Raton.

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