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The other day, Jeff Eats got a computer “pop up” about Aloe Vera…don’t ask, as I don’t recall- the name of the company that sent me this advertisement which promised all-kinds of “health benefits and cures” from using Aloe Vera. Being the investigative reporter that he is, Jeff Eats decided to “investigate” the “promises”…

I know that you guys know all about the claimed powers of BAKING SODA…from drain cleaning to curing human digestive problems. In a nutshell, Aloe Vera boosters claim- many of the same “powers” for their horse.

To make a long story short, through Jeff Eats ordered 3 quart bottles of Aloe Vera Gel from a company named Lily Of The Desert…cost 30 bucks—you know and I know that I got the third bottle because I wanted free-shipping…


The “shipment” arrived three days ago…the first test, a small amount of the gel was applied twice a day to a reddish mark that Jeff Eats has had on his right check for something like 20 years…no bs here—the mark has lightened considerably and seems to be fading away…second test, a small amount of gel was applied to a fresh razor cut on Jeff Eats’ chin and the bleeding immediately stopped/several hours later the “cut” was totally healed.

Now maybe I’m imagining this “stuff”—but I don’t think so.

Nothing for nothing…do yourself a favor and Google, Bing or whatever you do—and check Aloe Vera out…

Finally, in my research—I found claims that Aloe Vera can actually grow hair (with results starting as early as 30 days)…

I’ll check back with you guys in 30 days or so and let you know if that rather large Jeff Eats’ bald spot—is any smaller.

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  1. HELLOTHERE says...

    I’ve been using aloe vera for years for skin irritations. It works great on sun burns and bug bites. You are right it also work great on scars, burns, blemishes and acne. I have also combined it with toothpaste for a good cleaning. I have also added to my shampoo and it seems to make the hair much softer.

  2. mky says...

    Great for use on burns and sunburns.
    I’ve also added it to some smoothies and I think that it really helps to ease digestion.

  3. danny d says...

    Just ordered from Amazon the same 3 quart deal that you mentioned. Should have the delivery in 3 days.
    As you suggested I read about aloe vera and really didn’t realize that it may really have a load more applications than just sunburns.
    I did read that many believe that it can actually grow new hair in bald spots.
    Going to give it a try for a number of uses but will definitely key on that bald spot treatment.
    Catch you in 30 days and we’ll compare notes to see if hair actual grew back.
    By the way love the blog. Very refreshing take on various matters.

  4. creditcheck says...

    it makes a great shampoo.

  5. Don Sturgill says...

    I found out about Aloe vera years ago. Nothing is better for burns. Now, I see it is good for digestive troubles as well. One caveat: Stay away from Aloe products that are filled with preservatives and/or pasteurized. I don’t know about the Lily brand. Mine comes from in South Florida. It is 100% pure, raw, hand-filleted Aloe vera gel. And it’s tough to find anywhere else.

  6. zelman says...

    didn’t know this thing had so many uses.
    will be interested in knowing if it helped with that bald spot, because if it did, buy me gallons.

  7. Joey Lewis says...

    I have been putting this stuff on my head as a shampoo and conditioner for 5 years. It works to help keep your hair. Don’t know if it will grow new hair but I haven’t lost hair since I started using it 5 years ago.,

  8. mixerman says...

    Great for the digestive system.
    Mix in a tablespoon into an 8 oz smoothie of your choice.
    I also use it for burns, sunburns and general skin irritations.
    I don think its going to cure baldness.

  9. Carl L. says...

    Jeff, rub a few drops under under your eyes and you’ll find that dark rings and baggy eyes get refreshed. I love aloe vera. it really is a wonder drug that most people don’t know about. great for cuts, rashes, bug bites, all kinds of skin and digestive irritations.

  10. Aloe Lady says...

    Aloe Vera is a miracle plant – so versatile in its uses – check out my website
    100% natural, organic and safe for adults, children and pets!
    Why choose Forever? Because we are the world’s largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera. We control the entire process and can guarantee our quality. If you don’t agree there’s our 60 day money back guarantee.

  11. Carls says...

    Grow aloe vera in your yard I have some going.
    Anyways to fill in bald spot brush your hair 100 times each day (this stimulates and massages)

    Then apply the aloe gel which then penetrates much better.

  12. RedBarber says...

    i’m seriously bald. got some fring around the base, but the top is gone. seriously doubt that aloe is going to help here. i’m also on the short side. don’t think aloe is going to help me grow. i do use aloe on sunburn, rashes and other skin irritations and it works just great. i also add a tablespoon to my morning smoothie and really believe that it keeps me pretty regular.

    • Tasman says...

      Like you I don’t have a full head of hair and in elementary school was usually the first kid in line when we lined up by height. you are right aloe can’t help us in those departments.
      What I do is make aloe ice cubes and keep them in the freezer for sunburns and other skin irritations. They work great.

  13. Sid L. Turner says...

    I use Aloe for burns and other skin irritations.

  14. T1212H says...

    Tried it for growing hair.
    Doesn’t work.

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